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As the coronavirus dominates the global headlines, businesses should take both defensive and strategic actions—focusing on customers, employees, and brand. Read more »

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  • Report Is Customer Obsession Worth It?

    Calculate The Costs And Benefits Of Maturing With Customer Obsession
    July 21, 2021 | Shar VanBoskirk, Corey McNair

    Investing in customer obsession should yield at least a 700% ROI over 12 years, depending on your company and customer type. In this report, Forrester provides a calculator to determine how to...

  • Report New Tech: Content Engagement Solutions For B2B, Q3 2021

    Forrester's Landscape Overview Of 37 Providers
    July 19, 2021 | Laura Ramos

    Content engagement solutions — a category covering embedded and standalone offerings for content curation, activation, and monitoring — promise customer-facing B2B teams more engaged buyer...

  • Report Marketing Through An Experience Lens

    Executive Overview: The Experience-Led Marketing Playbook

    In marketers' quest to embrace customer-centricity, they've focused too much on what they can do and not enough on what they should do. It's time for marketers to embrace an experience-led approach...

  • Report How To Choose The Right Tech For Your CX Needs

    Navigating The Customer Journey And Martech Landscape

    Customer-obsessed firms must break down organizational silos to focus on the needs of their customers. But disparate and overlapping technology investments severely hamper their collaboration...

  • Report New Tech: Digital Insurance Platform Providers, Q2 2021

    Forrester's Landscape Overview Of 25 Vendors
    June 28, 2021 | Jeffery Williams

    Insurers face increasing competition from within the sector and beyond as companies leverage technology to meet consumers' preferences for digital experiences. To maintain an edge, insurance...

  • Report Case Study: Standard Chartered Bank's Future-Fit Tech Strategy

    June 28, 2021 | Frederic Giron

    Despite many years working on their digital transformations, very few banks tell us that they have adequate technology and systems to deliver truly differentiated and valuable customer experiences....

  • Report Leverage Five Collaboration Strategies To Power CX Transformation

    Build Organizational Alignment, Not Empires
    June 24, 2021 | Su Doyle, Angelina Gennis

    Successful customer experience (CX) teams are collaborators, not conquerors. We identified five distinctive strategies that power sustainable CX transformation through organizational alignment,...

  • Report Forrester Infographic: Insurtech Funding Roundup, Q1 2021

    June 21, 2021 | Jeffery Williams

    Insurtechs spur innovation across the insurance value chain. Incumbents shouldn't stand still as these nimble, digitally conscious startups disrupt insurance marketplaces or bring capabilities that...

  • Report Consumer Interest Doesn’t Guarantee Use Of Digital Healthcare Tools

    June 18, 2021 | Daniel Hong, Eric Bellomo

    Only 16% of US online adults with health insurance use their healthcare provider's mobile app, per the Forrester Analytics Consumer Technographics® US Healthcare Recontact Survey, 2020. However,...

  • Report US Consumer Pandemic Recovery Outlook: Spotlight On Media Consumption

    Heavy Online TV/Video Consumption Accelerates, Reshaping How Consumers Access And Experience Content
    June 17, 2021 | Anjali Lai

    Brands' first step in accelerating through the COVID-19 pandemic and building a profitable, sustainable future is to establish a laser-sharp focus on consumers. Leaders must develop an accurate and...

  • Report The State Of Customer Obsession

    Learn From The Habits Of More Mature Companies
    June 11, 2021 | Shar VanBoskirk

    Understanding your current maturity will tell you where to start your journey to customer obsession; it will also compare you with more advanced examples, so you know what best practices to adopt....

  • Report The Digital Front Door Fails Healthcare Consumers

    More Than Half Of US Online Adults Don't Use Apps To Manage Their Health
    June 11, 2021 | Daniel Hong, Eric Bellomo

    Corporate funding for digital health technologies hit a record $21.6 billion in 2020. Despite the jaw-dropping total, Forrester Analytics' Consumer Technographics® data shows that the majority of...

  • Report Answers To Common Questions About Forrester's Customer Experience Index

    Frequently Asked Questions About The CX Index Methodology, Business Impact Simulator, And Benchmark Study
    June 3, 2021 | Michelle Yaiser

    Companies need a way to measure changes in the quality of their customer experience (CX), assess CX impact on customer loyalty intentions, compare their CX to competitors' CX, and prioritize...

  • Report The US Customer Experience Index, 2021

    How Brands Build Loyalty With The Quality Of Their Experience
    June 1, 2021 | TJ Keitt

    The coronavirus pandemic forced brands across industries to change their approach to customer experience (CX) on the fly. So how did they do? This report reveals the scores of 220 brands across 13...

  • Report Forrester Infographic: Use RTIM To Personalize Customer Experiences

    May 28, 2021 | Rusty Warner

    Marketing campaigns often fail because they misalign product sales with customer experience (CX) expectations. Real-time interaction management (RTIM) enables B2C marketers to reboot...

  • Report The Intelligent Approach To Growth

    Customer Obsession Sustains Growth Strategies
    May 20, 2021 | Shar VanBoskirk, Sharyn Leaver

    Growth strategies that are customer led, insights driven, fast, and connected will be more sustainable than any short-term growth hacks. Forrester calls this pursuit of business expansion...

  • Report CX Leaders: Take A Systematic Approach To Ensure Success

    Focus On Six Priorities To Boost Customer Loyalty, Business Results, And Investment In CX
    May 11, 2021 | Rick Parrish

    Customer experience (CX) leaders must organize stakeholders companywide to create a consistent, high-quality CX that aligns with the firm's expression of customer obsession. To succeed, CX leaders...

  • Report The Forrester Wave™: Customer Feedback Management Platforms, Q2 2021

    The 12 Providers That Matter Most And How They Stack Up
    May 11, 2021 | Faith Adams

    In our 33-criterion evaluation of customer feedback management (CFM) platform and services providers, we identified the 12 most significant ones — Alida, Cisco Webex XM, Clarabridge, Concentrix,...

  • Report Forrester Infographic: Understanding Today's Indian Investors

    May 7, 2021 | Arnav Gupta, Vijay Raghavan

    Wealth management firms commonly segment their clients by investable assets. But this is not enough to help these firms decide on new products and services or optimize customer engagement models....

  • Report The People Playbook: Coach And Enable To Create Conditions For Success

    Leverage Proven Approaches To Maximize Your People Strategy
    May 6, 2021 | Katy Tynan

    The decision to pursue a strategy of customer obsession begins with senior leadership, but the execution of that strategy involves aligning and changing behaviors across the entire organization....

  • Report Customer Obsession Explained

    Your Guide To Understanding Customer Obsession And Why It Matters To Your Business
    May 3, 2021 | Shar VanBoskirk

    Don't delay adopting customer obsession any longer. Your competitors that put the customer at the center of their leadership, strategy, and operations enjoy stronger revenue growth, more satisfied...

  • Report Build A Values Strategy Now To Create Long-Term Sustainable Growth

    COVID-19 Changed The Spending Behaviors Of Australian Consumers
    April 13, 2021 | Riccardo Pasto

    Australian consumers are embracing brands that align with their own personal values and beliefs. Disruptive events like bushfires and the COVID-19 pandemic have accelerated this trend; consumers...

  • Report The CMO's Guide To Green Marketing

    CMOs At Green Brands Go Beyond Marketing Fundamentals
    April 7, 2021 | Thomas Husson

    CMOs at green brands execute authentic sustainability efforts to move from storytelling to storymaking. They truly understand their customers' emotions, demonstrate empathy, innovate with new...

  • Report Postsale Immersion Boosts Marketing Empathy

    March 26, 2021 | Laura Ramos

    Today's B2B marketers say they understand their audiences but often lack empathy for their real concerns and motivations. This report outlines four approaches marketers and customer-facing staff...

  • Report Moments: Maturity Framework 2021

    Leverage The Learnings Of Pioneers To Evolve Your Mobile Messaging Tactics And Capabilities
    March 18, 2021 | Julie Ask

    Future experiences will be rightsized, contextual, and pushed out to consumers in their specific moments of need. Today's well-executed mobile messages most closely resemble future experiences. And...

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