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As the coronavirus dominates the global headlines, businesses should take both defensive and strategic actions—focusing on customers, employees, and brand. Read more »

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  • Report How To Monetize Open Finance And Platform Business Models

    Business Case: The Digital Banking Strategy Playbook
    January 14, 2021 | Jacob Morgan

    Financial services executives have more go-to-market options available than ever before for their firm's products and services — thanks to open banking and platform business models. But how do you...

  • Report The State Of Cybersecurity In Indonesia

    Indonesian Security Leaders Will Accelerate Their Security Transformation In 2021
    January 14, 2021 | Jinan Budge, Achim Granzen

    Adaptiveness and CX improvements are key business priorities for firms in Indonesia in 2021, and cybersecurity will be crucial to safeguarding these priorities. Indonesia is in the early stages of...

  • Report China Tech Market Outlook, 2021 To 2022

    China Is Building Technology Engines To Accelerate Out Of The Crisis In 2021
    January 14, 2021 | Charlie Dai

    The Chinese government has revised its national strategy in the face of the global pandemic and economic crisis. To accelerate this process, more organizations will implement future-fit...

  • Report Now Tech: Virtual Healthcare Platforms, Q1 2021

    Forrester's Overview Of 28 Virtual Healthcare Platform Providers
    January 14, 2021 | Arielle Trzcinski

    Healthcare organizations (HCOs) can use virtual care (VC) to increase the capacity of existing clinical teams, improve clinical outcomes and lower medical spend for patients and members, and defend...

  • Blog COVID-19 Offers The Opportunity To Redesign The Physical Office

    January 14, 2021 | Dan Bieler

    Image credit: Pickard Chilton The pandemic crisis demonstrated that organizations must be prepared to have their knowledge workers work remotely at very short notice. In the wake of COVID-19,...

  • Blog Reaching Gen Z Starts With Understanding Their Truths

    January 14, 2021

    During my time in advertising, one of the top questions I was asked by clients was: How do we reach the next-generation consumer without alienating our current (aging) customer base? It’s a...

  • Webinar AI Drives The Evolution Of Technology And Data Governance In 2021

    January 14, 2021 | Achim Granzen

    The increase of data aggregated by companies, a heightened awareness of data privacy by consumers, and the introduction of government frameworks has made strong data governance a priority for...

  • Webinar Wealth Management Predictions 2021

    Firms Embrace Digital To Thrive
    January 14, 2021 | Vijay Raghavan, David Hoffman

    We will remember 2020 for COVID-19: The pandemic permanently changed the ways customers seek advice and how financial advisors dispense it. As the lockdown began, consumers did not have access to a...

  • Blog Forecasting In Uncertainty: Georgia’s Senate Elections Improve The Outlook For The US Tech Market In 2021

    January 13, 2021 | Andrew Bartels

    In our last US tech market forecast (“US Tech Market Outlook For 2021: After The Election — How Politics, The Pandemic, And The Economy Will Shape Industry Tech Budgets“), we projected...

  • Report How To Manage The Human Risk In Cybersecurity

    Continuous Improvement: The S&R Practice Playbook
    January 13, 2021 | Jinan Budge

    Traditional approaches to security communication are limited to perfunctory one-off training sessions that fail to take customers, regulators, and other external stakeholders into account and...

  • Report Optimize Your Human Risk Management Practices To Differentiate

    Advanced Level: People Practices For Cybersecurity And Privacy
    January 13, 2021 | Jinan Budge

    Firms at the advanced stage of cybersecurity and privacy maturity have likely built a positive reputation for responsible data use and enjoy strong employee morale. This report — the last of three...

  • Report Establish Your Human Risk Management For Cybersecurity And Privacy Excellence

    Beginner Level: People Practices For Cybersecurity And Privacy
    January 13, 2021 | Jinan Budge

    If you're just starting your journey to cybersecurity and privacy maturity, you're not alone. If CIOs, chief information security officers (CISOs), and chief privacy officers (CPOs) establish...

  • Report Elevate Your Human Risk Management Practices With Metrics

    Intermediate Level: People Practices For Cybersecurity And Privacy
    January 13, 2021 | Jinan Budge

    Firms at the intermediate phase of cybersecurity and privacy maturity begin to measure everything. With the right metrics in place in areas such policy effectiveness and employee skills...

  • Blog Navigating Your Way Through The Maze Of B2B Marketing Data Providers

    January 13, 2021 | Steven Casey

    We just published a new report on the B2B marketing data providers landscape — Forrester clients can read the “Now Tech: B2B Marketing Data Providers, Q1 2021” here — but I also wanted...

  • Report Identify And Estimate The Costs Of Downtime On Your Business

    Don't Rely On Industry Averages -- Determine Your Own
    January 13, 2021 | Naveen Chhabra

    Resilient tech infrastructure is critical for business success, and downtimes cost dearly. Infrastructure and operations (I&O) pros leading their firms’ IT disaster recovery (DR) program must...

  • Report Transform Customer Engagement In These Disruptive Times With A Digital Intelligence Vision

    Vision: The Digital Intelligence Playbook
    January 13, 2021 | James McCormick

    The opportunity to engage customers digitally has never been greater — but so is the cost of failing to meet their expectations. Many digital analytics practices are siloed, tactical, and fixated...

  • Blog Prodigal Son Gelsinger Returns As Intel CEO

    January 13, 2021 | Glenn O'Donnell

    Early today, Intel announced CEO Bob Swan will be replaced by VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger. Facing stronger competitive challenges, Intel has struggled. As you can see, Intel’s stock (INTC) has...

  • Blog 2021年预测:云计算将助力新冠疫情下的恢复工作

    January 13, 2021 | Dave Bartoletti


  • Blog 2021年预测:自动化成为企业的当务之急

    January 13, 2021 | Craig Le Clair

    在过去的一年里,自动化的世界已经发生了变化。就在6个月前,技术和业务负责人还会轻描淡写地提出自动化想法,为此争取预算,获得认可与微笑,但鲜有承诺。现如今自动化已经进入董事会层面的激烈讨论,讨论最后往往以“如果我们不竭尽所能实现自动化,那我们可能无法生存下去”这样的言论作为结尾。 这种思维转变主导了Forrester...

  • Blog Frustrated With Findability? Tagging Content Takes Teamwork

    January 13, 2021

    Are you tired of hearing your customers and sales reps complain that they can’t find content? Me too. Have you identified the root cause of the problem? A very common root cause is the practice of...

  • Blog Why The Service Mesh Should Fade Out Of Sight

    January 13, 2021 | David Mooter

    With rising interest in service meshes, many application development and delivery pros’ first encounter with one leaves them wondering how they differ from API gateways. Are service meshes their...

  • Blog Brands Bear (Some) Blame For Conditions At Outsourcers

    January 13, 2021 | Ian Jacobs

    Between really bad press (here and here) and bankruptcy (here), large contact center outsourcers have seen a rough last few months. Bad press for outsourcers spells trouble for and affects the...

  • Webinar Insurance Predictions 2021

    Insurers Find Opportunity Amid Chaos
    January 13, 2021 | Ellen Carney, Jeffery Williams

    We are a world in recovery heading into 2021. Insurers will need to contend with an unpredictable virus and its economic consequences, dramatic climate events, and the aftermath of a polarizing US...

  • Webinar CIO Predictions 2021

    Get Ahead Of 2021
    January 13, 2021 | Matthew Guarini, Brian Hopkins

    Forrester predicted major uncertainty in 2020, and we were right. CIOs and other tech leaders who prepared for uncertainty are adapting more easily during the pandemic. With 2021 right around the...

  • Report Prioritize The Tech That Paves The Path To People-First Marketing

    Tools And Technology: Experience-Led Marketing Playbook
    January 12, 2021 | Stephanie Liu

    CMOs and marketers are increasingly aware of their potential impact on the customer experience (CX). Nearly half of global marketing decision-makers say it's a high or critical priority. CMOs and...

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