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  • Report Now Tech: Omnichannel Media Management, Q2 2019

    Forrester's Overview Of 24 Omnichannel Media Management Providers
    June 14, 2019 | Joanna O'Connell

    An omnichannel media management approach can improve business performance, boost operational efficiency, and deliver better consumer experiences. But to realize these benefits in today's fragmented...

  • Report Examining The Mobile Pathways Of US Shopping Websites

    A Forrester Data Snapshot
    June 16, 2016 | Nicole Dvorak

    Smartphone owners often navigate from one mobile destination to the next in a single session. Mobile pathways analysis explores the popular destinations customers visit right before and after your...

  • Webinar Your Customers Will Not Download Your App

    Develop A Strategy to Engage Your Customers Effectively, Wherever They Are
    November 12, 2015 | Julie Ask, Nicole Dvorak

    Few digital professionals will see the majority of their customers download their app, nor will they own enough mobile moments to win, serve, and retain their customers effectively. Most apps...

  • Webinar The Future Of The Digital Store

    September 9, 2015 | Adam Silverman

    It's clear that customer expectations are forever changed. Customers expect their retailer of choice to create a consistent and relevant experience across all channels and touchpoints, both digital...

  • Report Mobile Platforms, Partners, And Power

    Borrow Mobile Moments To Engage Your Customers In Context Throughout Your Ecosystem And On Third-Party Platforms
    June 29, 2015 | Julie Ask

    You face the following challenge: Most of your customers will not download your mobile app, but you know that mobile is the most important digital touchpoint in which to win, serve, and retain your...

  • Report The State Of Mobile Technology For Marketers, 2014

    October 23, 2014 | Thomas Husson

    Adoption of smartphones is skyrocketing around the globe. Sophistication of consumers' use of those smartphones is likewise climbing — without consumers even noticing it. Mobile is simply part of...

  • Webinar The Future Of App Delivery: Business Agility At Formula 1 Speeds

    June 11, 2014 | Phil Murphy, John Rymer

    Age of the customer forces — software as business innovation; rapid responses to customers and competitors; relentless project schedules; and disruption of social, mobile, cloud, and big data...

  • Webinar Voice Of The Customer (VoC) Research Update

    Where To Get Help With VoC And How To Unlock The Potential Of Text Analytics
    February 18, 2014 | Jonathan Browne, Maxie Schmidt-Subramanian

    In this webinar, Forrester analysts Jonathan Browne and Maxie Schmidt-Subramanian discuss their latest research on voice of the customer (VoC) programs. Maxie Schmidt-Subramanian describes the...

  • Report The State Of Mobile Technology Adoption: 2013

    A Benchmarking Guide For eBusiness Professionals
    June 17, 2013 | Julie Ask

    Mobile technology for both hardware and software is experiencing a frenetic pace of change. The definition of table stakes or "being in the game" is constantly moving. eBusiness professionals have...

  • Webinar Trends Shaping Big Data And Data Science In The Enterprise

    May 7, 2013 | Mike Gualtieri

    Big data is not just a buzzword, and data scientists are real. Just ask the many firms that are using both to radically go deep on customer insights, make predictive operational decisions, and...

  • Report The State Of Mobile Technology Adoption

    A Benchmarking Guide For eBusiness Professionals
    October 3, 2012 | Julie Ask

    Mobile technology for both hardware and software is experiencing a frenetic pace of change. What table stakes or "being in the game" means is constantly moving. eBusiness professionals have...

  • Report Gen Y Points To A Mobile Future For Local Search

    October 13, 2009 | Abe Garon, Sarah Rotman Epps

    Search is a high-stakes business: Forrester estimates that the US search market overall is worth $15 billion in 2009, of which local advertising spend is nearly $4 billion. The companies vying for...

  • Report To Deliver The Vodafone 360 Strategy, Vodafone Becomes A Social Network And A Handset Maker

    September 28, 2009 | Ian Fogg

    Vodafone 360 is a bold initiative that will affect every firm's Social Computing strategy. Vodafone aims to drive mobile Internet adoption, acquire new customers, and increase long-term customer...

  • Report Why Mobile's Time Has Come

    Consumer-Facing Firms Must Develop, Or Revive, Their Mobile Strategies
    July 21, 2009 | Ian Fogg

    Most strategists realize that mobile is hot, but they're perhaps less sure whether this is hot air or the white heat of progress. The high-profile arrival of Apple and Google in the mobile market...

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