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  • Report Brief: The New Economics Of Experimentation

    Sprint Uses Digital Experimentation To Drive Rapid, Customer-Centric Innovation
    August 17, 2015 | Clay Richardson

    Corporate leaders all agree that to excel in the digital economy, innovation must come from every nook and cranny of the enterprise. To deliver on this innovation imperative, enterprise...

  • Report Chinese Firms Must Embrace DevOps To Accelerate Digital Transformation

    Start The Journey By Digitizing Application Life-Cycle Management
    March 30, 2015 | Charlie Dai

    Consumers are undergoing a mobile mind shift; Internet companies are disrupting traditional Chinese companies in almost every industry; macroeconomic growth is slowing; and competition is...

  • Report EA's Value To Customer-Experience-Driven Transformation

    October 9, 2013 | Derek Miers

    Firms can no longer rely on operational excellence or product innovation alone for their success. Sooner or later, cost reduction efforts run out of steam and the organization is forced to...

  • Report Create Agile Processes For Introducing Emerging Technology

    November 19, 2012 | Brian Hopkins

    With its careful approach to planning technology investments and general aversion to risk, IT is not meeting business demands for emerging technology as a driver for innovation and growth....

  • Report Case Study: Discover Financial Supercharges EA Effectiveness With A Comprehensive Repository

    Profile Of An InfoWorld/Forrester Enterprise Architecture Award Winner
    December 22, 2010 | Alex Cullen

    Enterprise architecture (EA) organizations often toil out of the limelight — helping their firms improve business-IT alignment, rationalize their application portfolio, and guide their use of...

  • Report Case Study: WestJet Creates Clarity With Its Architecture Services Catalog

    October 26, 2009 | Jeff Scott

    EA organizations struggle to define what they do in terms the organization both understands and appreciates. The root cause for this struggle is often that the EA team itself is not clear about...

  • Report Case Study: EA Aligns IT With Business' Emergent Strategy

    June 10, 2009 | Gene Leganza

    Enterprise architecture (EA) programs are becoming more business focused and helping IT to deliver greater value to business. Business-focused EA teams are developing the "next practices" for...

  • Report SOA Is Far From Dead — But It Should Be Buried

    Doing SOA Right Opens The Door To A Much Bigger Architecture Vision
    May 11, 2009 | Randy Heffner

    Sparked by a tinderbox of economic jitters and technology backlash, a recent thread of industry discussion cries out, "SOA is dead!" Although many have had fun with the discussion, it is in fact...

  • Webinar Pursuing SOA In Hard Times

    November 4, 2008 | Randy Heffner

    Service-oriented architecture (SOA) has been the hot topic in enterprise application architecture for the past five years. SOA has become mainstream, and nearly half of enterprises use SOA for...

  • Report Case Study: PNC's Secret To EA Success? A Strong Customer Focus

    How One Company Achieves And Measures EA Effectiveness In A Federated IT Environment
    August 1, 2008 | Katie Smillie, Jeff Scott

    When The PNC Financial Services Group created a central enterprise architecture (EA) program nearly three years ago, it sought to build the team's success from the inside out, creating a small,...

  • Report Best Practices: Improving EA Effectiveness

    Customer Focus, EA Skills, And Delivering Value Are Key
    August 1, 2008 | Jeff Scott

    Creating an effective enterprise architecture (EA) practice is challenging and frequently elusive for EA teams. Architecture initiatives require broad organizational support just to get started...

  • Report Using BPM To Improve Operational Efficiency

    Exploring The Benefits Of BPM
    July 7, 2008 | Ken Vollmer

    In most enterprises, the ongoing level of manual operations offers fertile ground for improvements in operational efficiency. Enterprise architects can provide leadership in this area by finding...

  • Report Using BPM To Support Innovation

    Exploring The Benefits Of BPM
    July 7, 2008 | Ken Vollmer

    BPM solutions can provide the foundation for many types of innovation, and architects' awareness of how other firms are using these tools can provide a catalyst for joint business/IT brainstorming...

  • Report Enterprise Process Improvement Initiatives

    June 16, 2008 | Andy Salunga, Elisse Gaynor

    Enterprise Process Improvement InitiativesFrom: October 2007 North American Business Process And Applications Online Survey

  • Report Case Study: Qwest Uses Process Simulation To Move At The Speed Of Business Change

    April 23, 2008 | Colin Teubner

    Qwest, a telecommunications company located in North America, provides voice, video, and data services to residential, SMB, and enterprise-level customers. Its provisioning operations were...

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