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Forrester 2018 Prediction:

Identity will make or break trust in digital ecosystems

Governments will lose their perch as the sole providers of reliable, verified identities. As customers increasingly engage with businesses through digital, rather than in-person, channels, firms have to ensure they minimize fraud by issuing online credentials and allowing only trustworthy customers to transact with them.

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    Report Quick Take: Sony Breach — A Sad Tale Of Epic Failure That Could Have Been Avoided

    Businesses Must Prepare For Politically And Socially Motivated Cyberattacks And Cyberespionage
    December 18, 2014 | Rick Holland, Renee Murphy, Ed Ferrara

    . In this report, Forrester will summarize the currently available details and provide recommendations that S&R pros must consider to reinforce their cybersecurity programs and protect their...

  • For Security & Risk Professionals


    Report Predictions 2015: Data Security And Privacy Are Competitive Differentiators

    Governments, Criminals, Tech Giants, Customers, And Enterprises Spar Over Protections And Rights
    November 12, 2014 | Heidi Shey, Nick Hayes, Renee Murphy

    Love him or hate him, Edward Snowden's revelations of widespread National Security Agency (NSA) government surveillance triggered an international discussion and debate on privacy. Suddenly, the...

  • For Security & Risk Professionals


    Report Brief: Apple Throws Down The Privacy Gauntlet

    Apple Offers New Commitment And Tech To Protect Privacy, But It Needs To Go Much Further
    October 1, 2014 | Rick Holland, Andras Cser, Heidi Shey

    On September 17, 2014, Apple's chief executive officer, Tim Cook, published a letter detailing Apple's commitment to customer privacy. The unfortunate timing of Apple's highly public and...

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    Report The Forrester Cloud Security Compliance Checklist

    November 8, 2013 | Renee Murphy

    In the swift adoption of cloud technology, assessing a cloud provider's security is sometimes an afterthought, an undertaking for which sufficient time and resources don’t exist. But these cloud...