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  • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

    Report Quick Take: Cloud Foundry Summit, Q2 2016

    May 26, 2016 | Lauren E. Nelson

    Enterprise private cloud strategies are shifting to focus on developers — not optimized infrastructure. Developer productivity at scale demands user ease, multicloud platform support and...

  • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

    Report How To Capture The Benefits Of Microservice Design

    Three Phases Of Adoption Begin With Today's Programming Models And Platforms

    Developing software using microservice design is the hot new approach. Why? Microservices promise implementation flexibility, graceful scaling, faster delivery, and higher resiliency. But...

  • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

    Report Mobile Needs A Four-Tier Engagement Platform

    Road Map: The Mobile App Development Playbook
    May 23, 2016 | Michael Facemire, Ted Schadler

    Mobile is pushing aging web architectures to the brink. The three-tier architecture built for a browser-led PC world can't flex, scale, or respond to the needs of a good mobile experience or the...

  • For CIO Professionals

    Report Brief: Why The CIO Must Care About Containers

    Behind The Hype, Containers Begin Your Transition To A Digital Business
    May 10, 2016 | Paul Miller

    Docker simplified the use of containers, exciting developers with an easy way to build, test, and deploy their new cloud-native applications. But for CIOs who must integrate core systems of record...

  • For CIO Professionals

    Report The Top Technologies For Your Business Technology Agenda, 2016

    The Top Business Technologies To Win, Serve, And Retain Customers Along Every Step Of Their Journeys
    May 10, 2016 | Ted Schadler

    Customer-obsessed firms are customer-led and insights-driven. They move fast rather than perfectly, and they are connected to serve increasingly powerful customers. CIOs wield a critical asset: the...

  • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

    Report Vendor Landscape: Public Cloud Platforms Consolidate, But New Disruptions On The Way

    The Market's Now 10 Years Old; Microservice Designs And Enterprise Apps Will Drive The Next Decade

    Public cloud platforms are the foundation for developing and running applications in the age of the customer. The market has matured rapidly as two vendors — Amazon Web Services and Microsoft —...

  • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

    Report Quick Take: OpenStack Summit, Q2 2016

    Mitaka Summit Quantifies Enterprise Adoption And Focuses On Usability
    May 2, 2016 | Lauren E. Nelson, Paul Miller

    Cloud computing is a linchpin of a digital business. While the major public cloud providers have their own proprietary platforms, hybrid services that include private cloud favor the OpenStack...

  • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

    Report Arm Your Digital Business With Competitive Intelligence

    It Means A Lot More Than Helping Your Business Execs Stalk Your Competitors
    April 26, 2016 | Nasry Angel

    What will an incomplete view of the competition cost your firm? Blockbuster, Borders, and Circuit City are all examples of companies blindsided by competitors using emerging technology to transform...

  • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

    Report Big Data Security Strategies For Hadoop Enterprise Data Lakes

    Apply Zero Trust To Your Big Data Security Strategy
    April 25, 2016 | Mike Gualtieri, John Kindervag

    The crown jewels must be protected. Data stored in Hadoop is no exception. As application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals rush to build data lakes using Hadoop, they often do so...

  • For CIO Professionals

    Report Open Source Powers Enterprise Digital Transformation

    CIOs Need To Embrace Open Source Software To Drive Change
    April 25, 2016 | Paul Miller, Lauren E. Nelson

    Open source is not just of interest to researchers, startups, or small businesses. The modern enterprise embraces open source capabilities to accelerate its digital transformation efforts, and open...

  • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

    Report The Forrester Wave™: Big Data Hadoop Cloud Solutions, Q2 2016

    Elasticity, Automation, And Pay-As-You-Go Compel Enterprise Adoption Of Hadoop In The Cloud
    April 22, 2016 | Noel Yuhanna, Mike Gualtieri

    "We want to do Hadoop in the cloud." That's what we increasingly hear from enterprises that have successfully run on-premises Hadoop proof-of-concepts. CIOs charge their enterprise architecture...

  • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

    Report Brief: Developers Must Shape Digital Experience Platform Investments

    April 20, 2016 | Mark Grannan

    Application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals should routinely evaluate their technology portfolios that support customer-facing digital experience (DX) to reveal where a unified...

  • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

    Report The Forrester Wave™: Low-Code Development Platforms, Q2 2016

    The 14 Providers That Matter Most And How They Stack Up
    April 14, 2016 | John R. Rymer, Clay Richardson

    In our 26-criteria evaluation of low-code development platform providers, we identified the 14 most significant vendors — AgilePoint, Appian, Bizagi, Caspio, K2, MatsSoft, Mendix, MicroPact,...

  • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

    Report Vendor Landscape: Private Cloud Software Solutions, Q2 2016

    Varied Building Blocks Lay The Foundation, But It's Up To You To Make It A True Private Cloud
    April 12, 2016 | Lauren E. Nelson

    Enterprises turn to the private cloud market for fast provisioning of resources, delivering public cloud-like capabilities internally. However, this market comprises more than one category of...

  • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

    Report Blurring Approaches To Mobile Apps Expand Options For Developers

    March 31, 2016 | John M. Wargo

    Developers are often constrained by traditional mobile development approaches, budgets, and time-to-market. Native and web-based approaches simply aren't enough to address all requirements. New...

  • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

    Report The Platform Explosion: Harness It Or Lose Agility

    Job No. 1 For EA Pros: Don't Let Complexity Kill Responsiveness
    March 30, 2016 | Brian Hopkins, John R. Rymer

    The neat boundary between platforms and applications is gone, resulting in a spike in the number of software platforms in the average enterprise. Vendors of all types — SaaS providers, systems...

  • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

    Report Data Management Excellence Propels Big Data Benefits

    Leading Chinese Companies Are Using Big Data To Deliver Customer Value
    March 28, 2016 | Charlie Dai

    While many enterprise architecture (EA) professionals and technology management leaders have already kicked off big data initiatives, many lack a strategic approach to continuously generating...

  • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

    Report Brief: Developers Get More Architecture Oversight — And They Like It

    Be A Change Agent For Agile-Plus-Architecture
    March 18, 2016 | Randy Heffner

    Achieving faster solution delivery over the long haul, instead of just on isolated projects, requires application development and delivery (AD&D) teams to invest in both architecture and in DevOps-...

  • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

    Report Brief: The World's Largest Market Needs Open Source Technology

    Organizations Must Strategically Adopt Open Source Software To Thrive In China
    March 7, 2016 | Charlie Dai

    To fully reap the benefits of open source software (OSS), organizations must do more than adopt software components on a per-project basis. OSS has become critical to cost-effectively increasing...

  • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

    Report Best Practices: Use Portfolio Management To Accelerate Your Mobile Strategy

    February 24, 2016 | Margo Visitacion

    Mobile is becoming the most important touchpoint to win, serve, and retain customers. But too many organizations struggle with how to shift mobile execution from one-off projects to become an...

  • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

    Report Native, Web, And Cross-Platform Mobile Apps All Have Their Place

    Strategic Plan: The Mobile App Development Playbook
    February 24, 2016 | John M. Wargo, Michael Facemire

    In clients' inquiries regarding mobile app development, the most common question is: "Should we go with a native development approach, use HTML5, or use cross-platform tools?" Our answer: It's not...

  • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

    Report Vendor Landscape: Digital App Platforms

    In The Next Platform Era, Consumer, Commerce, And Corporate Leaders Battle For Developers
    February 17, 2016 | John R. Rymer, Jeffrey S. Hammond

    The most powerful digital experiences that companies can provide their customers span four domains: consumer, corporate, commerce, and connected devices. The first wave of these experiences require...

  • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

    Report Brief: Apache Spark On IBM Z Systems Can Reveal Immediate Insights From Transactions

    February 11, 2016 | Mike Gualtieri, Richard Fichera

    Apache Spark aficionados are in for a real shock. Wait for it . . . Apache Spark now runs on IBM's z Systems mainframe computer. That means Spark runs on the same place as many of the world's...

  • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

    Report Developer Conferences Speed Your Transition To Modern Application Development

    Which Conferences Should Developers Attend In 2016?
    February 8, 2016 | Jeffrey S. Hammond

    To meet their customers' growing expectations for outstanding apps, companies need top developers who keep up with rapidly evolving technology trends. Conferences expose developers to emerging...

  • For CIO Professionals

    Report Brief: Understanding Spark's Real Place In The Hadoop Landscape

    What CIOs Need To Know About Spark And Its Role In Their Data Strategies
    February 2, 2016 | Paul Miller

    For many CIOs, Hadoop appears almost synonymous with the broader theme of big data. More recently, Spark has begun to attract interest, partly as an alternative to Hadoop's initial dependence on...

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