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  • Report The Five Phases To Transform IT In The Digital Age

    Customer Focus, Speed, And Agility Change The Game Of Redesigning IT
    March 27, 2018 | Matthew Guarini, Marc Cecere

    The age of the customer, combined with digital, cloud, agile, and new technology, is rapidly changing the structure, processes, and culture of IT organizations. But the steps to get to these new...

  • Report Video: Unlock Explosive Growth

    Watch This Video To Learn How Tech-Driven Innovation And Adaptiveness Combine To Create 4x Growth
    June 13, 2019 | Brian Hopkins

    ...growth by incrementally improving their current business models and delivering with greater agility. This 9-minute video draws on new research on technology-driven innovation and adaptiveness...

  • Report Adopt Agile, End-To-End Technology Governance

    Intermediate Level: Tech Governance Practices For IT Transformation
    January 11, 2018 | Bobby Cameron, Renee Murphy

    Firms require Agile, end-to-end tech governance to meet the needs of a changing business model, one focused on speed and responsiveness to transform fast-changing business value delivery,...

  • Report Reset Technology Governance To Drive Value

    Beginner Level: Tech Governance Practices For IT Transformation
    January 11, 2018 | Bobby Cameron, Renee Murphy

    To help their firms compete in the age of the customer, tech leaders engaging in IT transformation must develop a solid foundation for tech governance — the policies, frameworks, and processes that...

  • Report Great Companies Center Their Tech Strategy On Customers

    Don't Ignore The Basics, But Keep Boldly Adapting Your Strategy To Meet One Goal — Serving Customers
    January 30, 2018 | Dave Bartoletti, Bobby Cameron

    Technology leaders need to rethink strategic planning in the age of the customer. Technology strategies are too often just collections of loosely related project plans and too focused on tech...

  • Report Dare To Disrupt With Technology-Driven Innovation

    Lead With Technology To Create Explosive 4x Returns

    Most firms use traditional innovation methods to meet their business goals. As a result, they get nondifferentiated offerings and average results. CIOs and other business leaders should read this...

  • Report Predictions 2019: CIO

    A Year Of Rebuilding Foundations And Measured Innovation
    November 5, 2018 | Matthew Guarini, Pascal Matzke

    Technology is a key differentiator for how companies deliver superior customer and employee experiences. CIOs that can take advantage of this opportunity will strengthen their position in the...

  • Report Use Technology To Drive Business Value

    The Executive Overview For The IT Transformation Playbook
    February 1, 2018 | Matthew Guarini, Christopher Mines, Glenn O'Donnell

    CIOs and CTOs have a mandate to improve the technology foundations and innovations required to win, serve, and retain customers — what Forrester calls business technology (BT). For most, it will...

  • Report Create Sustainable Process Innovation

    Advanced Level: Process Practices For IT Transformation

    Technology leaders must sustainably innovate customer-focused processes to beat the competition. Customer-focused, automated design and development processes enable teams to deliver high-impact...

  • Report Elevate Cybersecurity And Privacy Oversight

    Intermediate Level: Oversight For Cybersecurity And Privacy
    January 25, 2019 | Paul McKay, Renee Murphy, Nick Hayes

    Firms with intermediate cybersecurity and privacy oversight have a solid foundation and are seeking to extend their influence in the organization. By strengthening strategy, governance, adherence...

  • Report The CIO's Guide To Lead-To-Revenue Management

    Examining The CMO's World Through A CIO's Lens
    January 14, 2019 | Leslie Joseph, Lori Wizdo

    Marketing teams today make ever greater demands on their firm's technology strategy and budgets. In response, today's CIOs must forge a close strategic partnership with their CMOs. To do so, they...

  • Report Predictions 2018: CIOs Make The Chief Digital Officer Obsolete

    November 6, 2017 | Pascal Matzke, Matthew Guarini

    Digital transformation will dominate business strategy in 2018, and CEOs will look to their CIOs to act as strategic partners in that transformation. While technology is at the core of the shift to...

  • Report Case Study: REA Group Restructures To Deliver Customer Value And Drive Business Growth

    Learn From REA's Transformation To A Model Innovative Digital Business
    January 11, 2018 | Tim Sheedy

    To deliver better digital services faster, CIOs must seek ways to operate their business more like a software company. REA Group, a digital media business focused on the real estate market,...