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  • Report Disrupting Finance: Crowdfunding

    Crowdfunding Provides A Viable Alternative Source Of Funding
    April 19, 2017 | Oliwia Berdak

    Crowdfunding — which is essentially online fundraising — has grown exponentially over the past few years. Hundreds of crowdfunding sites like Crowdcube, GoFundMe, and Kickstarter match people in...

  • Report The Open Banking Revolution Is Imminent

    How Open Banking Will Transform The Banking Landscape
    February 23, 2017 | Jacob Morgan

    Open banking is the next logical evolution of digital banking, furthering the ability of a bank to enable customer outcomes through participation in collaborative ecosystems and partnerships....

  • Report Case Study: OCBC Bank Innovates In Wealth Management With Co-Creation

    A Customer-Centric Approach To Innovation Helped OCBC Attract New Investors
    October 6, 2016 | Frederic Giron

    Banks around the world are changing their wealth management offerings, driven by digitally empowered customers who want to be served on their mobile device in their moments of need. OCBC Bank, a...

  • Report Trends 2014: European Digital Insurance

    Digital Executives Must Lead The Transformation To Digital Business
    April 22, 2014 | Oliwia Berdak, Ellen Carney

    Digital disruption has arrived in insurance. Years of slow growth, low consumer trust, and heavy regulation have weakened incumbents. In the meantime, customer expectations have been rising,...

  • Report How CMOs Lead Consumer-Driven Innovation In Tough Times

    Improve The Effectiveness Of Innovation — Don't Eliminate It
    May 5, 2009 | Lisa Bradner

    In the face of budget cuts and reduced consumer spending, innovation may seem like an easy line item to slash. However, smart marketers realize that a strong innovation pipeline provides a strategy...

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