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  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Somak Roy

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  • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals


    Report Better Government Outcomes In India Require IoT At Scale

    Beyond Citizen Services, Agencies In India Are Prioritizing IoT To Monetize Services And Plug Revenue Leaks
    January 9, 2017 | Somak Roy

    India is among the frontrunners in internet of things (IoT) adoption, and the wave has hit government agencies as well. Smart city pilots focusing on transport, traffic, lighting, waste bins,...

  • For CIO Professionals


    Report Brief: Five Trends Shaping IoT Adoption In India

    Indian CIOs Will Focus On Connected Business Processes To Improve Manufacturing Efficiency
    April 27, 2016 | Somak Roy

    Indian CIOs are exploring the internet of things (IoT) as an opportunity to help the business discover new efficiencies and new sources of competitive differentiation. While adoption is still in...

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