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The Data Management Playbook For 2019

Your Business Is Only As Fast As Your Data

Today, what you know, and how well you use that knowledge, fuels your competitiveness and growth. You must change how your firm provisions and manages data to keep up with empowered customers and...

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  • Webinar Trends And Best Practices In Sourcing Data Capabilities

    March 19, 2014 | Charles Green, Gene Leganza

    As organizations prioritize the utilization of internal and external data, Forrester is seeing a surge in interest in improving data capabilities. But expanding or accelerating data capabilities...

  • Report Market Overview: Data Services

    The New Data Economy Cultivates An Eclectic New Market Of Data Services
    October 30, 2013 | Charles Green, Gene Leganza

    Organizations are faced with a flood of data. Capturing and effectively utilizing this data for business insights is a critical priority. However, in many cases, organizations lack the skills,...

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