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  • Report The State Of Consumer Authentication, 2018 (US)

    Keep Up With Digital Consumers
    August 2, 2018 | Merritt Maxim, Salvatore Schiano

    Consumer online authentication habits are evolving, including password usage, two-factor authentication adoption, and biometrics. This infographic looks at authentication behaviors and attitudes of...

  • Report Brief: Work With The US Government On Cybersecurity Innovation

    The Department Of Homeland Security Announces Funding For Cybersecurity Research
    August 27, 2014 | Ed Ferrara

    The US Federal government's participation in cybersecurity has been burdened with false starts and political wrangling. Members of the US Congress and the Executive Branch of the US Government have...

  • Report Case Study: For Avaya, Customers Are Not A Token Consideration

    A Plug-And-Go Smart Token Combines With PKI For Security And Auditability
    July 23, 2009 | Bill Nagel

    Rick Robinson at Avaya had a vision for a multifunctional second-factor authentication credential that would satisfy customer compliance requirements without significant adverse effects on his...

  • Report A US National ID Begins To Take Root

    July 21, 2008 | Geoffrey Turner

    In the aftermath of the Al Qaeda attacks on 9/11, the US government realized that the lack of effective identity credentials for use in domestic air travel was a contributing factor in the attacks'...

  • Report What CISOs Can Learn From The US Government's E-Passport And HSPD-12 Initiatives

    February 6, 2007 | Geoffrey Turner

    As part of a United Nations standardization effort, the US and 14 other countries have begun issuing e-passports, which add contactless integrated circuit chips (ICs) containing biometric data on...

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