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  • Christopher Voce
  • Data Centers & Data Center Networking

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  • Report Protecting Email With The Cloud

    How Cloud Services Can Play A Role In Message Continuity And Recovery

    Ensuring that your users can access email and keep business moving in the event of a disaster is critical, but it can be complex and costly. Traditional methods carry heavy facility, hardware,...

  • Report Trimming The Fat From Exchange

    Strategies To Consolidate Resources Dedicated To Running Microsoft Exchange Server Infrastructure
    April 28, 2008 | Christopher Voce

    Consolidation is top of mind for many IT managers, and a portly email infrastructure is a ripe target to put on a diet. Business factors such as mergers and acquisitions and technical factors such...

  • Report X86 Server Virtualization For High Availability And Disaster Recovery

    How x86 Server Virtualization Affects Business Resiliency

    To date, the primary driver behind the adoption of server virtualization has been consolidation. But as enterprises gain experience with the technology, additional uses and benefits are surfacing....

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