Sharyn Leaver

VP, Group Director serving CIOs

Sharyn leads the research organization that serves CIOs, Enterprise Architecture Professionals, and Application Development & Delivery Professionals. Her team's research agenda includes all aspects of technology leadership — from strategic planning to emerging technology selection and implementation. Sharyn delivers strategic guidance, helping CIOs and other leaders adopt the processes and technologies that will help their firms win, serve, and retain customers.

Previous Work Experience

Previously at Forrester, Sharyn served as research director for the CIO, business process and applications, and consumer markets research teams. As an analyst, Sharyn researched enterprise applications, business process management tools, and several emerging technologies in consumer-driven and manufacturing industries such as life sciences, healthcare, retail, and consumer products.

In addition, Sharyn was a key contributor to the development of the Forrester Wave™ methodology to help clients accurately assess key vendors in a given technology-focused market.

Before joining Forrester, Sharyn spent several years as a consultant and project manager for Clarkston Consulting, a full-service professional services firm. She was responsible for the delivery of vendor selection and implementation projects involving SAP and other ERP applications, integration technology, and enterprise portals.


Sharyn holds a B.S. in computer information systems technology from Purdue University. She also holds a M.S. in medical informatics from Northwestern University. 

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  • Sharyn Leaver
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