Data Strategy & Insights

November 18 – 19, 2021  |  Live Virtual Experience

David Wilson

VP of Marketing/Analytics, Northstar

David Wilson is the VP, Revenue Generation, Brand, and Media at Northstar which is a long-standing fintech company led by the Fingerhut brand.  Fingerhut is the leading provider for underserved customers seeking to build, rebuild, or establish credit.  As VP, David oversees teams responsible for brand strategy, promotions, customer loyalty, new customer acquisition, advertising, external agency partnerships, and internal creative.  David’s formula for success is simple.  People matter.  Data is power.  Creativity is crucial.  He enjoys merging those three elements into one successful and fun work environment that accelerates revenue growth.


Prior to joining Northstar, David worked in similar roles across a number of different industries including consumer packaged goods, medical devices, and financial services after starting his career in market research.  He holds a MBA from University of Virginia Darden School of Business and a BS in psychology from Brigham Young University.