Summit Asia Pacific

September 1 – 2  |  Live Virtual Experience

Emma Hapgood

VP, Group CX and Fulfillment, FWD Group

Emma’s 16 year background in consumer psychology and marketing strategy made for a natural springboard into Customer Experience five years ago.  Her day job is to champion the Customer, to rally the Cross-Functional Troops against the war of Insurance inertia, and to combat the perils of her insurance arch enemies: legacy systems, VNB and building via waterfall. The old Jurassic insurance models with their inside-out thinking are a thing of the past, Emma pushes the outside-in envelope all day everyday. Emma is the customer’s voice and advocate in realizing FWD’s unique vision: to change the way that people feel about insurance.

When she’s not championing FWD’s customers, she is running the streets of HK, stretching in her favourite yoga pose, or working on her next piece of creative writing. But her favourite minutes of the day are those that are filled with her 4 year old daughter.