Stephanie Balaouras

Vice President, Research Director serving Security & Risk PROFESSIONALS

Stephanie serves Security & Risk Professionals. She leads a team of analysts who provide research and advisory services on topics like IT security frameworks; governance, risk, and compliance (GRC); identity and access management (IAM); application security; data security; and IT infrastructure security. She also provides Forrester's coverage of specific risk topics including business continuity (BC), IT continuity/disaster recovery (DR), and backup and recovery.

Previous Work Experience

Stephanie has more than 12 years of experience in BC/DR, backup and recovery, and information storage industries. Prior to joining the security and risk team, Stephanie was a principal analyst on Forrester's infrastructure and operations team, where she was instrumental in the development of Forrester's research and offerings in continuity, availability, and information storage and protection. Prior to joining Forrester, Stephanie was a senior analyst with Yankee Group, where she provided insight on technology trends to key system, storage, and information protection vendors and consultative advice on strategic and tactical initiatives. Before Yankee Group, Stephanie worked at EMC, first as a technical architect and then as a senior education and productivity consultant. As a technical architect, she articulated EMC's value to partners and customers and designed solutions to meet customer and new market opportunities. As an education and productivity consultant, she managed and supported complex technical training programs for business and practice managers in EMC's Technology Solutions Group. Prior to EMC, Stephanie worked at Accenture as a consultant, focusing on the implementation of business applications (SAP, PeopleSoft) for global businesses.


Stephanie holds a bachelor's degree in business administration and finance and investments from Babson College.


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