Sucharita Mulpuru

Vice President, Principal Analyst serving eBusiness & Channel Strategy PROFESSIONALS

Sucharita serves eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals. She is a leading expert on eCommerce, multichannel retail, consumer behavior, and trends in the online shopping space. She is also a noted authority on technology developments that affect the online commerce industry and vendors that facilitate online marketing and merchandising.

In her research, Sucharita covers such consumer-oriented topics as eCommerce forecasting and trends, merchandising best practices, conversion optimization, and social computing in the retail world. She has also authored "The State Of Retailing Online," a joint study conducted annually with and a leading industry benchmark publication.

Previous Work Experience

Prior to Forrester, Sucharita was the director of marketing at Saks Fifth Avenue, where she managed the customer acquisition, retention, and market research efforts for the $2 billion luxury retailer's online channel. Prior to Saks, she held management positions at Toys R Us, where she was a merchant in the Babies R Us division and a store manager in one of the company's largest toy stores. She also worked for the Walt Disney Company, where she developed and managed marketing plans for new business initiatives, including the Disney Stores, the Disney Cruise Line, and Club Disney.

Additionally, she was involved in the expansion of Cap Cities/ABC properties, specifically ESPN Zone, ESPN Magazine, and the network. She has written two nonfiction books and has contributed to BusinessWeek Online.


Sucharita holds a B.A. in economics from Harvard University and an M.B.A. from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

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