TJ Keitt

Senior Analyst serving Customer Experience PROFESSIONALS

TJ serves Customer Experience Professionals. His research focuses on the business of collaboration software, which includes adoption, business models, pricing, and positioning, and how information workers affect the adoption and deployment of collaboration software within their business. His research of the collaboration space also deals with how these technologies are applied to facilitate interactions between companies — vendor to partner, vendor to supplier, vendor to customer — for purposes of marketing, product development, and innovation. In addition, TJ researches serious gaming, which is the use of games and gaming dynamics for business or educational purposes and the use of virtual worlds for collaboration and training. His work helps professionals understand the technology and demographic trends that are affecting the markets they serve and provides guidance on how best to position their products to meet these challenges. TJ has been cited in ComputerWorld and the Financial Times.

Previous Work Experience

Prior to joining Forrester, TJ was an analyst at a new product development firm, conducting voice of the customer and litigation-related market research for technology and other firms.


TJ has a B.S. in public relations and an M.S. in applied communication research from Boston University.

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      Marketers Miss Depth And Relationship Opportunities On The Path To Purchase

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      Report:The Forrester Wave™: Online Video Platforms, Q1 2013

      Kaltura Joins Leaders Brightcove And Ooyala In A Maturing Market

      Video is integral to many consumer-facing websites, not just from traditional media providers but from brands, companies, and organizations without a history of content creation. In Forrester's...

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