TJ Keitt

Senior Analyst serving Customer Experience PROFESSIONALS

TJ serves Customer Experience Professionals. His research focuses on the business of collaboration software, which includes adoption, business models, pricing, and positioning, and how information workers affect the adoption and deployment of collaboration software within their business. His research of the collaboration space also deals with how these technologies are applied to facilitate interactions between companies — vendor to partner, vendor to supplier, vendor to customer — for purposes of marketing, product development, and innovation. In addition, TJ researches serious gaming, which is the use of games and gaming dynamics for business or educational purposes and the use of virtual worlds for collaboration and training. His work helps professionals understand the technology and demographic trends that are affecting the markets they serve and provides guidance on how best to position their products to meet these challenges. TJ has been cited in ComputerWorld and the Financial Times.

Previous Work Experience

Prior to joining Forrester, TJ was an analyst at a new product development firm, conducting voice of the customer and litigation-related market research for technology and other firms.


TJ has a B.S. in public relations and an M.S. in applied communication research from Boston University.

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      Report:Safeguard Your Social Intelligence Strategy

      Managing Privacy, Risk, And Compliance Challenges When Listening To And Leveraging Social Data

      The more granular you get when collecting and analyzing social data, the more value you can extract with meaningful customer segmentation, affinity mapping, and other valuable customer insights. The...

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      Report:Brief: Stolen And Lost Devices Are Putting Personal Healthcare Information At Risk

      It's Time For Healthcare CISOs To Close The Faucet Of Data Loss From Endpoints

      Amid a rising tide of compliance pressures, employee mobility, and high black-market values for personally identifiable information (PII) and personal healthcare information (PHI), security and risk...

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      Report:Brief: Pegasystems Makes Headway Into Front Office

      Process Platform And Solution Frameworks Shift To Focus On Customer And Employee Engagement

      Pegasystems is well known as the provider of a solid business process management platform — bringing sophisticated, if complex, capabilities to the back-office processes of their customers. At...

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      Report:Implement Effective Customer Service Metrics

      Benchmarks: The Contact Centers For Customer Service Playbook

      Customer service managers can easily become distracted by the sheer volume of metrics available for tracking operational activities and fail to deliver on key business goals. To keep customer service...

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      Report:Reinvent Customer Relationships With WeChat Mobile

      Leverage The Power Of WeChat's Mobile Ecosystem In China

      WeChat is the largest mobile social app in Asia Pacific. Offering advanced features and services that go far beyond messaging to both consumers and marketers, it dominates Chinese consumers' mobile...

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      Report:The New Mobile Mind Shift Index: China

      Mobile Expectations Are High In The Largest Smartphone Market

      Marketers in China are lagging behind consumers in mobile adoption, and they need to do a better job understanding mobile behavior trends to develop effective mobile strategies. Forrester's newly...

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      Report:The Forrester Wave™: Social Depth Platforms, Q3 2013

      We Evaluate Nine Community And Social Depth Marketing Technology Providers That Help Turn A Brand's Website Into A Social Hub

      In Forrester's 57-criteria evaluation of social depth platforms (SDPs), we identified the nine most significant vendors — Acquia, Bazaarvoice, Get Satisfaction, Jive Software, Lithium...

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    • Report:The State Of Consumers And Technology: Benchmark 2013, US

      North American Consumer Technographics®

      This report is our annual overview of US consumers' behaviors and technology attitudes by generation, based on Forrester's North American Technographics surveys and our ForecastView data. Our...

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      Report:Technology Management In The Age Of The Customer: China

      Three Major Routes For Chinese Organizations

      Empowered customers are disrupting every industry, and CIOs in China need to clearly understand what technology management challenges they face in the age of the customer. This report helps Chinese...

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    • For eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals

      Report:European Mobile And Tablet Commerce Forecast, 2013 To 2018

      Forrester estimates that 49% of online retail, travel, and daily deals sales in the EU-7 (France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and the UK) will be from mobile and tablets by 2018....

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      Report:Embrace Cross-Channel Attribution As The New Marketing Measurement Standard

      Executive Overview: The Cross-Channel Attribution Playbook

      Marketing measurement has evolved. Brands are embracing advanced measurement methodologies, such as cross-channel attribution, to determine the true impact of all interactions across all devices,...

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      Report:Forge Valuable AR Programs With FIAR

      Strategic Plan: The Industry Analyst Relations Playbook

      Analyst relations (AR) managers need to know how to prove the value of their AR programs. Unfortunately, many struggle because they didn't build plans to deliver business value, and they now rely on...

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    • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

      Report:Quick Take: Net? Yes. Neutrality? No.

      We Answer Three Key Questions To Help Clarify The Arguments And The Relevance Of Net Neutrality

      The positions in intense debate surrounding Net neutrality can't simply be summed up as "standing up for users' rights" or "asserting a carrier's right to profit." Verizon filed a petition to review...

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      Report:Overcome Top Digital Challenges In 2015

      Choosing The Right Digital Agency In China

      As online penetration in China approaches 50%, marketing leaders are handling larger digital marketing budgets and taking on more responsibilities than ever before. As a result, they need more and...

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      Report:Empower Market Insights With The Right Technology

      Market Insights Team Need More Than Excel And PowerPoint

      With ballooning (big) data sources, a need to mine more valuable nuggets from this data, pressure to deliver insights more frequently, and stakeholders that you need to "wow" with deliverables,...

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    • For eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals

      Report:2015 European Mobile Banking Functionality Benchmark

      CaixaBank Tops Our Review Of European Banks' Mobile Services

      We used our Mobile Banking Functionality Benchmark methodology to evaluate the retail mobile banking offerings of 13 banks across Europe using 41 criteria. While all of the European banks deliver the...

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    • For Security & Risk Professionals

      Report:Measure Information Security Effectiveness — Information Security Economics 103

      Analyze Where You Spend Your Money Using The Three R's: Readiness, Response, And Recovery

      This is the third in a series of reports providing new methods and guidance for the financial management of information security. For many companies, security spending and budgeting is a restatement...

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      Report:Healthcare Transformation Is Driving Disruption For Payers' Business Capabilities

      Forrester's Reference Business Capability Map Provides A Lens For Understanding Changes

      Management teams for health insurance businesses must transform their organizations to face a digital future that places consumers in the center of the ecosystem. Fueled by the need to manage...

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      Report:Building The Business Case For A Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) Program

      Business Case: The Workforce Enablement Playbook

      This report outlines Forrester's guidance for developing a business case to justify a BYOD program to support your workforce enablement strategy. Supporting the growing number and increasing...

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      Report:Food And Beverage Brands Must Be Trusted And Essential

      Technographics® TRUE Brand Compass: Food And Beverage Consumer Packaged Goods

      Forrester's research shows that consumers demand more from brands in the 21st century. Marketers now have a steeper hill to climb to earn consumers' brand preference, referral, and willingness to pay...

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    • For Customer Experience Professionals

      Report:Brief: Spotify Retunes Its User Experience

      What CX Pros Can Learn About Enriching Customer Experience From The Digital Music Service's Redesign

      Digital music service Spotify has been investing large sums in enhancing its customer experience, culminating with a major redesign across multiple platforms, including its iPhone app, on April 2,...

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    • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

      Report:Consider Whether To Put Huawei On Your Provider Shortlist

      Huawei Makes Progress In The Enterprise, But Is Not For Everyone — Yet

      Since Huawei Technologies entered the global enterprise IT infrastructure market in 2011, it has made consistent progress with broadening its portfolio of enterprise products and services and...

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    • For eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals

      Report:Quick Take: Fire Phone Fails; Amazon Doesn't

      Insights, Not Sales, Will Define Amazon's Success

      On June 18, 2014, Amazon announced the launch of a smartphone, named the Fire Phone, with unique hardware and services designed to enhance its core businesses: retail and a digital platform....

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    • For eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals

      Report:The State Of Retailing Online 2014: Marketing

      This latest report in our series using data from The State Of Retailing Online, a study conducted by Forrester Research, covers interactive marketing benchmarks for online retailers. More...

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    • For eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals

      Report:Sustain A Digital Culture

      Continuous Improvement: The Digital Business Transformation Playbook

      Organizations face a number of roadblocks as they transform to become truly digital businesses. Legacy technology, siloed KPIs, and a lack of understanding of how customers really use emerging...

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