Founded in 2006, privately-held company Twitter operates a digital information service that enables users to post and track micro-messages known as “Tweets” comprised of 140 characters or less. The service is designed for use on mobile devices and PCs and typically used to share news, ideas, opinions, announcements, and for social networking. Twitter is based in San Francisco, Calif., US.


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    Report: Benchmark Your Social Marketing Efforts

    This report details avid marketers' current and planned social media usage across 11 social networks, and their satisfaction with 10 social tactics. B2C marketers should use this benchmark repor...

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    Report: Reset Expectations For Ads On New Social Sites

    Social sites are the new darlings of the advertising world, promising reach, engaged audiences, and coveted native ad formats. But buyer beware: not all social ad inventory is the same. B2C mark...

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    Report: Brief: Capture Customers With Click-To-Call

    Your customers are increasingly demanding contextually relevant experiences in their moments of need. Click-to-call ads offer a way to provide personal engagement through the facility of paid se...

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    Report: Brief: Most Marketers Don't Use Social Relationship Platforms

    Social relationship platforms (SRPs) help brands publish organic posts to social networks like Facebook and Twitter — and in the process they both save marketers time and make their effort...

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    Report: Brief: How Top Brands Are Using Facebook, Twitter, And Instagram

    Despite the inherent challenges of social marketing, B2C marketers continue to bet big on social networks. In fact, more than 80% of top global brands actively post on Twitter, Facebook, Google+...

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