Vikram Sehgal

VP, Research Director - Data serving Customer Insights PROFESSIONALS

Vikram leads the forecast team, which is responsible for producing all forecasts within M&S research. He is focused on the consumer commerce areas including retail, travel, and financial services. He is keenly involved in understanding the evolution of consumers' online behavior and technology adoption.

Previous Work Experience

Vikram came to Forrester Research through its acquisition of Jupiter Research, where he started in July 2000. Prior to Jupiter, Vikram worked at IRI, a leading market research company, where he worked closely with some of the leading CPG companies.

Vikram often appears on TV, radio, and comments in the press on the US online retail and travel industry. He has been quoted in The L.A. Times, Business Week, The New York Times, CNN Money, and American Banker. He has also appeared on CNBC, Bloomberg TV, and Radio, NPR, Fox Business News, and ABC.


Vikram earned an M.B.A. from Virginia Tech and a B.Com from N.M College in Mumbai, India.

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    Benchmarks: The Business Process Management Playbook

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    Performance Management: The Business Process Management Playbook

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    Report:Focus On Customer Value To Grow Organizational Maturity

    Most organizations aspire to implement outside-in, customer-focused, cross-functional processes that transform the culture of their organization and set it on the path toward continuous improvement....

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    Report:Use Big Data Initiatives To Deliver Digital Business Value

    Part I: Digital Customer Experience

    In what seems like the blink of an eye, our world has become digital. Work schedules, personal preferences, and opinions all live coded in databases. Empowered customers have many options...

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      Report:The Foundational Architecture Roles And How They Are Changing

      Two Additional EA Roles Are Needed For Digital Businesses

      Forrester described six foundational architecture roles in the organization report of the enterprise architecture practice playbook, which we published June 8, 2012. Since then, Forrester has...

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      Report:Brief: Adaptive Intelligence Powers The Data Economy In China

      Embrace Real-Time Multidirectional Data Sharing To Deliver Customer Obsession

      Companies used to leverage their internal data assets for the sole purpose of understanding their customers, partners, and market landscape. But in the age of the customer, they must take a more open...

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      Report:Architecting Digital Business Transformation

      Australia Post's Customer Experience-Driven Enterprise Architecture Guides Pervasive Transformation

      Digital technology is transforming markets. Companies engaging in markets undergoing transformation are finding that their traditional products — and their product-centric mindset — no...

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      Report:EA's Value To Customer-Experience-Driven Transformation

      Firms can no longer rely on operational excellence or product innovation alone for their success. Sooner or later, cost reduction efforts run out of steam and the organization is forced to...

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      Report:Predictions 2015: Customer Experience And Digital Business Rise In EA's Agenda

      Over the past few years, enterprise architecture (EA) programs have been strengthening their engagement with tech management and business leaders — still within an EA box. However, some leaders...

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      Report:Vendor Landscape: BPM Platforms For Digital Business

      Landscape: The Business Process Management Playbook

      Enterprise architects are under increasing pressure to optimize business process to better engage employees and customers across a range of fragmented digital channels. Leading business process...

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      Report:Brief: The New Economics Of Experimentation

      Sprint Uses Digital Experimentation To Drive Rapid, Customer-Centric Innovation

      Corporate leaders all agree that to excel in the digital economy, innovation must come from every nook and cranny of the enterprise. To deliver on this innovation imperative, enterprise architecture...

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      Report:Architect Your Predictive Analytics Capability, Part 1

      Chinese Companies Are Leveraging Predictive Analytics To Engage Customers

      Predictive analytics has become the key to helping businesses — especially those in the highly dynamic Chinese market — create differentiated, individualized customer experiences and make...

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      Report:Brief: Build An Ecosystem Architecture For Digital Business

      Ecosystem Architecture Models Bring More Visibility To Internal And External Stakeholders

      Digital businesses operate in multiple ecosystems of value — their customers' and their own. Executives developing digital business strategies must understand the participants and relationships...

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      Report:The Forrester Wave™: BPM Platforms For Digital Business, Q4 2015

      Tools & Technology: The Business Process Management Playbook

      In Forrester's 31-criteria evaluation of business process management vendors, we identified the 12 most significant software providers — Appian, Bizagi, DST Systems, IBM, K2, Newgen Software,...

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      Report:Brief: Digital Business Requires Different Organizational Ways Of Working

      EA Professionals Must Leverage Networks To Help Their Business In Digital Transformation

      We're in the era of digital business, where technology-empowered customers and business relationships require new operating models. Because customers are in charge, businesses must become more agile....

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    • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

      Report:PMOs In The Age Of The Customer

      Designing The Strategy That Gets You There

      Internally facing project management offices (PMOs) that support technology management can easily lose sight of the fact that they play a critical role in delivering products and services to their...

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    • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

      Report:Look Through A Business Capabilities Lens To Optimize CX Solutions

      EA Teams: Guide Your CX Pros To Deliver Better CX And Business Outcomes

      Experience management is transforming today's businesses. Many B2C and B2B organizations are modeling their interactions with external entities, including customers, suppliers, and partners, to make...

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      Report:Top Technology Trends To Watch: 2014 To 2016

      Businesses are forced to operate at a new pace as they contend with informed customers, smart competitors, and employees who choose to use their own technology for work. These trends change how firms...

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      Report:Brief: Pegasystems Makes Headway Into Front Office

      Process Platform And Solution Frameworks Shift To Focus On Customer And Employee Engagement

      Pegasystems is well known as the provider of a solid business process management platform — bringing sophisticated, if complex, capabilities to the back-office processes of their customers. At...

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      Report:Brief: Use Personas To Shape Mobile Architecture And Strategy

      Persona Analysis Should Be Part Of Your Architecture Toolkit

      Mobile projects move at the speed of light to deliver internal and consumer-facing applications. Many of these projects are successful, but others are epic failures. The frequent root causes are...

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      Report:Understanding The Methods And Techniques For CX-Driven Transformation

      Companies that set out to transform the customer experience (CX) they deliver need to redesign their firms from the outside-in — starting with the experience they want customers to have and...

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    • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

      Report:TechRadar™: Customer-Centric BPM Technology, Q4 2014

      The shift to customer centricity has disrupted an aging business process management (BPM) software market with deep roots in the back office and a mixed track record for driving efficiency and worker...

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    • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

      Report:Design Thinking Reshapes EA For Dynamic Business

      Redesign Your EA Program For Front-Office Engagement

      Customer-facing business executives are turning to cutting-edge service design firms to help launch new services that tap digital to deliver differentiated customer experiences. Unfortunately,...

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    • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

      Report:Customer-Obsessed Companies Integrate Strategic Planning And Delivery

      Executive Overview: The Strategic Planning And Portfolio Playbook

      In 2016, the customer comes first. Companies delivering great customer experiences will succeed with Agile approaches to both strategic planning and product delivery. Planning disciplines are...

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