Thriving In The B2B Marketing Renaissance

Forrester Complimentary APAC Webinar

Dramatic changes in buyers’ behavior, digitally disruptive business models, and fast-paced technology evolutions have changed the business landscape to such a great extent that B2B marketing is now in position to rediscover its purpose — to win, serve, and retain customers. It’s a new era.

We might not be coming out of the dark ages, but we are certainly entering an age of innovation and enlightenment. The B2B marketing renaissance requires a mindset reboot: from your funnel to the buyer’s journey, from acquisition to advocacy, from product value propositions to customer outcomes, from channel-centric to customer-centric operations, from measuring program outputs to measuring business outcomes. The pandemic has only accelerated this change further.

Watch this webinar where, VP and Research Director Caroline Robertson and industry experts; 

  • Decode the secrets to thriving in the B2B marketing renaissance
  • Share stories from the frontline

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