Digital Lending 2.0: Re-imagine Your Digital Lending Proposition To Thrive In Future

Forrester Complimentary APAC Webinar

The pandemic crisis has jolted the Indian economy, given the hard lockdown there was an expected consumption shrinkage. This trend will slowly fade away and the most significant change will be in the way Indians will consume products and services. While the traditional complex and structure financing such as, infrastructure finance will witness few changes, MSME and consumer lending will transform significantly. 

Forrester believes the pandemic crisis has forced industry participants to re-look and assess their digital lending proposition and consider newer engagement models. In this complimentary webinar Forrester analyst, Arnav Gupta and industry leaders deep-dive and help you understand what the future of digital lending in India will look like. 

Key takeaways:

  • Deep dive into the future of digital lending and newer engagement models
  • How you can re-look and assess your digital lending proposition 
  • Actionable advice from industry practitioners 

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