Empathetic Content Marketing in the Age of Millennials and Disruption

Forrester APAC On-demand Webinar 

Most companies tout their customer-centricity when it comes to product or offering; but, how customer-centric and empathetic is their marketing content and messaging? More importantly, how does that content and messaging change during disruption like COVID-19? Have you also considered tailoring messaging to draw the oncoming generation of millennials who are quickly becoming business-decision makers and influencers in more democratised work environments?

Key Takeaways:

In this webinar, Forrester will dive into why content marketing needs to be empathetic and can no longer be one-size fits all. You will:

  • Learn the content preferences of B2B buyers as their buyer tendencies, traits, and characteristics increasingly converge with B2C consumers.
  • Understand the particular differences and needs of the upcoming wave of workforce leaders.
  • Hear how buyers are reacting to the current pandemic and what that means for B2B content marketing and messaging.


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