Deliver Excellent Experiences To Make Your Payments App Successful

Forrester Complimentary APAC Webinar

Excellence in digital experience is becoming a non-negotiable expectation that customers have of a brand. The current pandemic circumstances have reinforced the importance of digital touch-points and experiences they offer. The thing about experiences and expectations is that once they rise, they become par for the course. Payment apps are no exception!

Forrester analysed payment provider apps in India and found that with the next-to-zero cost of switching in India, the war to win, serve, and retain customers depends on these payments providers’ ability to: reduce friction and make payments convenient; simplify digital interactions; use personalization and gamification to drive loyalty and engagement; and give unobstructed access to help and support.

Forrester’s analyst, Arnav Gupta talks about how payment providers can stand out with excellent digital experiences in this on-demand webinar.

Key takeaways:

  • How digital payment providers can retain customers in a market with almost no switching cost.
  • Learn how to differentiate and what leading digital payment providers are doing well.
  • Best practices that can help digital payment providers push boundaries and offer seamless digital experiences.


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