The Employee Experience Of A Pandemic In Australia

Forrester On-demand APAC Webinar

COVID-19 has created health challenges and business risks, all of which are important to focus on. But what effect is it having on your employees? And how will the employee experience of the pandemic impact the way you manage your organisation, team or initiatives?

Forrester’s PandemicEX survey reveals the Employee Experience (EX) of 274 Australian working adults. VP and Research Director of ANZ Michael Barnes, Principal Analyst Jinan Budge, Principal Analyst Sam Higgins, Senior Analyst Riccardo Pasto, and Senior Analyst Zhi Ying Barry will share the impact of COVID-19 on Australian employees’ work life, how employers can better guide their employees through these historic challenges, and the implications for your organisation.

Key questions will be addressed in this webinar:

  • How can you inspire your employees and increase their empathy for customers?
  • Are you adequately addressing financial well-being with your employees?
  • With restrictions beginning to ease in many states, what are some of the considerations of bringing staff back into offices?
  • Are you addressing the potential third party EX risks in your IT supply chain?

Duration: 45 mins (Including 15 mins interactive Q&A)

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