The Future Of Jobs In Australia 2030

A Forrester Complimentary Webinar

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) And Automation Will Reshape Australia’s Workforce

Automation will effect real change in how we get things done and leaders must plan for the transformation or displacement of human work. According to Forrester’s latest forecasts, Australia’s overall job market will shrink by 11%, or 1.5 million workers, by 2030 as the rising tide of AI and automation reshapes workforces globally. As the technology gets more advanced, some jobs will be lost, new ones will be created, and others will transform. Workers unable or unwilling to make the transition will depart the traditional workforce entirely, creating a wave of mission-based evacuees seeking a more values-aligned work life.

Join Forrester’s Sam Higgins, principal analyst as he discusses the findings of the “Future Jobs: Australia’s Automation Dividends And Deficits, 2020 To 2030” report, and what it means for policymakers and employers seeking to minimise the number of digital outcasts by helping their workforce cope with changes brought about by the adoption of automation technology.

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