Future Of B2B Buying: 3 Actions For CMOs To Take

A Complimentary Forrester SiriusDecisions Webinar

B2B buyer expectations are changing across buying scenarios and at every stage of the buying journey and customer lifecycle. Ubiquity of information, the rise of the Millennial generation, buyers’ own experiences as consumers and, now, social distancing have each contributed to this rapid evolution.

Buyers expect providers to know who they are and what they’re trying to do. But, most importantly, they want to be treated as equal partners. Every experience we create for buyers needs to come from a place of understanding and empathy. This webinar explores three actions that CMOs can take that directly relate to changes in buyer expectations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Build a detailed understanding of the buying group, because buyers expect intuitive interactions.
  • Unify the pre-sale and post-sale experience, since buyers expect a connected customer experience.
  • Invest in a customer advocacy program, since buyers expect open access to peers.

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30 minutes