Vision Report: The B2B Customer-Obsessed Growth Engine

Dramatic changes in buyers’ behavior, evolving business models, and fast-paced technology advances mandate a shift in how B2B companies design their growth strategies and engineer and operate their organizations.

Download this report to learn how to advance B2B outcomes with a customer-obsessed growth engine that aligns marketing, product, and sales teams on customer obsession — and lays the foundation for profitable, predictable, and sustainable growth.

Get your copy of this 11-page report that reveals Forrester’s research on the power of customer obsession to advance B2B outcomes — and read analyst advice on ways to use a customer-obsessed growth engine to differentiate in a changing landscape where buyer needs, economic uncertainty, and competition are unrelenting.

Download the report to learn:

  • Buyer, market, and tech changes that demand a B2B shift.
  • Why B2B organizations are moving from extracting value from customers to delivering value to them.
  • The value of customer obsession to ensure profitable, predictable, sustainable B2B growth.


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