Super Bowl Sponsors and Presidential Hopefuls Know Why Your Digital Advertising Spend May Be Wasted

A Complimentary Forrester SiriusDecisions Webinar

A 30-second ad at the 2020 Super Bowl cost $5.6 million and the current US Presidential race is expected to consume over $6B in advertising. This is a bargain compared to the money that is wasted every day in digital demand-based advertising by B2B companies.

Organizations frequently justify their digital advertising based on faulty metrics that show a highly inflated ROI. Worse, they often neglect to measure the real benefits of advertising.

During this webinar, Forrester Principal Analyst Ian Bruce will:

  • Discuss some of the faulty logic of digital advertising.
  • Share simple techniques for getting an accurate handle on the real return-on-investment.
  • Explore why Presidential hopefuls and big brands understand the real return on advertising spend.

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60 minutes