Everything CMOs Need To Maximize Generative AI Impact

If you think that generative AI (genAI) is a passing fad, think again. It’s transforming B2B marketing, helping CMOs reap big gains in their outcomes. But knowing how and where to start with genAI has been a barrier for many — until now. 

Download Forrester’s guide, “Generative AI: A Pragmatic Guide For B2B CMOs,” to learn how to capitalize on genAI’s full potential. It provides a framework for adopting genAI for B2B marketing successfully, from developing a vision and strategy to implementing the governance needed for privacy compliance. 

Get the research-led guidance you need to tame genAI confusion, including technology requirements and limitations, organizing your marketing data, and upskilling your teams. The guide also reveals how to find the right starting point for genAI adoption and how to prioritize initiatives. 


What will you learn? 

  • How to create a strategic roadmap for genAI adoption 
  • The governance required to help ensure privacy compliance 
  • Ways to prioritize your efforts based on desired outcomes 


What’s inside? 

  • Components for a well-informed genAI approach 
  • Guidance to balance AI risks and rewards 
  • A genAI Q&A and glossary of terms 


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