Go Beyond Sourcing Metrics To Prove Marketing Value

The traditional sourcing metrics that marketing leaders rely on to prove value only tell part of the story. The B2B buyer journey is complex, and you need to capture marketing’s contributions at every journey stage.   

Download our toolkit for guidance on proving marketing’s true business value across the customer lifecycle. You’ll discover demand performance indicators that serve as a more accurate and comprehensive measure of marketing’s business impact. 

In these times of resource constraints, proving marketing value has never been more critical — and this resource can help you uncover the business impact hiding in plain sight. 

Get the toolkit to explore: 

  • The urgent need to demonstrate marketing value and impact. 
  • The shortcomings of relying solely on sourcing metrics to measure marketing’s contribution. 
  • The importance of understanding complex buying groups and their measurement implications. 


What’s inside?

  • Q&A on the role of buying groups and their impact on measurement 
  • A checklist to know if sourcing is holding you back 
  • An alternative set of metrics that better convey the impact of marketing 


Thank you for downloading our toolkit.