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When it comes to making important decisions about modernizing IT, IT leaders can sometimes feel like they’re dangling out on a limb. Will this massive IT transformation project produce the ROI we’re projecting? Is this the right vendor to trust our long-term future with? What unexpected problems are waiting for us? Relieve the pressure and identify potential pitfalls along the way by reviewing and validating your IT strategies with a trusted and objective third party.

Discover how Forrester helped IT leaders at three different firms make the best decisions for their organizations — and drive tangible outcomes. 

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When the CIO at a utility company needed to develop an efficient strategy for migrating his business to the cloud, he turned to Forrester for advice and validation. Forrester analysts methodically assessed the firm’s readiness to move to the cloud, organized conversations with other CIOs who have gone through a cloud migration, and collaboratively developed a structured approach to accelerate migration timelines. Forrester also helped identify and contract the right cloud vendor for the project. “Forrester reframed our approach and altered my vision of what our cloud strategy would be,” says the CIO, adding that Forrester’s approach saved the firm many months of work.

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Forrester reframed our approach and altered my vision of what our cloud strategy would be.

CIO, utility company


When the IT leadership at a financial institution sought a method of systematically quantifying the ROI on potential technology investments, they chose to implement Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ methodology. Forrester analysts rolled out the methodology and then helped IT leaders operationalize it across the organization to streamline and standardize the evaluation of technology solutions. Forrester also guided the IT organization on how to validate projects and focus justifications of technology solutions on business value first.

The centralized approach for reviewing new IT solutions has improved process, governance, and even culture within the IT organization. The team can better track the return on IT investments and avoid solutions and projects that would not produce the desired ROI.

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Perhaps no industry is as diligent about its disaster recovery planning as the healthcare industry. When a natural disaster occurs, downtime of healthcare IT systems could literally cost lives. So when the head of managed services for a healthcare network needed to find the right vendor to modernize its disaster-recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) plan, Forrester was asked to help.

Forrester analysts met regularly with IT leaders to provide best practices on reviewing the market and bidding out its disaster recovery contract. When the time came, they also guided IT leaders on communicating the strategy to the executive leadership team to expedite internal buy-in.

By the end of the project, the healthcare network had a significantly more resilient disaster recovery plan and saved as much as $6 million in the process as a result of Forrester’s guidance.

We received estimated pricing data from one of your competitors, and Forrester was far and away more accurate. And because of that, we negotiated the best renewal with our DRaaS provider in years.

Executive director of managed services, healthcare network

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