Take The CX Reality Day Challenge

See your company from the customer’s point of view. Find opportunities for growth.

Do you understand what your customers experience every day? Rally your leadership team to take the CX Reality Day challenge. You’ll walk away with a deepened understanding of the experiences your company delivers — and whether they align to your brand, CX vision, and business strategy.

The challenge consists of three components:

  • Complete one to three tasks as your customers would.
  • Use the provided worksheet to capture your thoughts and feelings as you move through the customer journey, noting what works and what needs work.
  • Meet up with your CX Reality Day team to compare notes and generate action items that will drive improved CX quality and business growth.

CX Reality Day is an opportunity for CX leaders to drive awareness of customer experience’s effect on retention and loyalty, generate customer empathy, and demonstrate CX’s value to the business. CX leaders can take on the role of “CX Reality Day Captain,” guiding the challenge team through the day’s activities and managing the ensuing improvement efforts.

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Share your insights, learnings, and great experiences as a customer by using #CXRealityDay on social media.