Ransomware Defense For Constrained State And Local Budgets

Watch this webinar replay on ways to defend state and local agencies against ransomware when resources are limited.

State and local agencies are tasked to do more with fewer resources, including increasing security against ransomware attacks that target state and local government agencies. 

As ransomware continues to target local governments and public sector infrastructure even schools and hospitals a proactive stance focused on preparedness is your best defense. 

Watch our webinar replay to hear our security analysts reveal the state of ransomware vulnerability for state and local governments and how you can protect your agency with limited resources. 

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You’ll learn why a robust ransomware defense isn’t just a single action or tool but a holistic approach to fortifying the entirety of your defensive strategy. 

Watch it now for a reality check on your ransomware risk, the challenges for state and local governments, and how to develop a path to build a comprehensive ransomware defense. 

What will you learn? 

  • Practical steps for ransomware defense   
  • A timeline of implementation that fits your resource constraints 
  • What to do if you become a ransomware victim 

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