The Future Of Manufacturing: Moving Beyond Digital To Become Future Fit

Forrester Complimentary APAC Webinar

Indian manufacturing firms need to evolve, to be more sustainable, to compete against cheaper competitors overseas, and meet the changing needs of customers, suppliers, and partners. Digital technologies play their part in this evolution, but firms must focus on organizational change, rethink how to include employees and partners and re-evaluate what they sell.

In this webinar Forrester thought leaders discuss the role of technologies such as internet of things (IoT), augmented reality (AR), and additive manufacturing (3D printing) in organizational change.

Watch this webinar where, Paul Miller and Ashutosh Sharma discuss the future of manufacturing and how it goes beyond digital.

Key Takeaways

  • Highlight key trends and barriers faced by the manufacturing sector
  • Discover the role of technologies such as IoT, AR and 3D printing in enabling organizational change
  • Learn the importance of an ecosystem-based approach to transformation
  • Topical examples of how manufacturers are evolving to become future-fit enterprises



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