Pandemic Response Webcast Series 2020

Join Forrester’s thought leaders as they share their research, best practices and ideas on how enterprises should prepare for the new normal.

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The Indian business landscape is more dynamic than ever, and COVID-19 has added a new dimension to it. This new world where people are still dealing with the impact of Coronavirus will certainly make the roles of business and technology leaders more complex in 2020 and years to come. Most firms had to adapt quickly for the lockdown phase of the pandemic and will continue to adapt as the world learns to live the changes brought upon by the pandemic.

The new normal will force enterprises to redefine their decades-old business models. Leading firms will embrace market adaptiveness: being adaptive will help them experiment with new business models and explore new revenue streams; launch personalized services that cut across product lines; and improve not only customer, also employee experience quality all this while being cost effective. They will also emphasize the development of a future-fit technology management and organizational structure.

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