Building Better Digital Products. Walmart Enters The Health Insurance Fray. And More.

Lessons On Building Digital Products — And Future-Proofing A Better Mousetrap

Vice President and Principal Analyst Nigel Fenwick provides guidance on identifying the right partners to help design and develop your digital products.




Walmart Doubles Down On ‘Save Money. Live Better.’ As It Wants To Help You Shop For Your Next Health Insurance Plan

Walmart quietly launched Walmart Insurance Services LLC. To better understand and triangulate what this move means for the future of healthcare, a team of Forrester analysts weighed in. Read their takes.



How American Express Boosted Survey Response Rates Up To 3x

Do you wonder how to increase customer survey response rates? Read this great conversation with Luis Angel-Lalanne, vice president of customer listening at American Express. Amex recently improved survey response rates by 250%-300%.



Ensure Your Workplace Doesn’t Become A New Source Of COVID-19 Infections

As employees return to physical workplaces, the risk of new outbreaks is real. Learn what employers can do to mitigate this risk.


Activate More Data And Drive CX Project Prioritization

Economic instability is squeezing CX budgets and testing customer relationships. The ability to focus efforts and resources where they will have the greatest impact is critical. In this complimentary webinar, learn how to use data to prioritize CX initiatives and maximize ROI.



CMOs Face Difficult Agency Decisions

The coronavirus pandemic has forced many firms to drastically cut marketing spending and reevaluate their agency relationships. In this episode of What It Means, Principal Analyst Jay Pattisall reviews the latest changes and what options CMOs have going forward.


Will COVID-19 Change Virtual Care Forever?

Virtual care is not a new concept, but the COVID-19 pandemic has driven a dramatic surge in adoption. In this episode of What It Means, Senior Analyst Arielle Trzcinski discusses what’s driving this adoption and the future of virtual care.

The Executive’s Guide To The Future Of Work

The global pandemic has forced firms to focus only on immediate needs. How will that affect you down the road? Read our new guide for the vision and tools you need to keep one eye on the horizon while addressing short-term priorities.



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