CX In The Pandemic, Security Blind Spots, Technology Relationships, And More.

Brands Built Up Much CX Equity Pre-Pandemic; Here’s How They Can Use It Wisely

According to the US CX Index 2020, leading brands built up a reservoir of CX equity before the pandemic. Here's how they can grow their CX equity through wise investments.




The Biggest Digital Health Deal Of All Time: Teladoc Health And Livongo Merge To Deliver Proactive, Broad Spectrum Digital Health

Telehealth megamerger ushers in a new era of digital health.



There’s A Growing Blind Spot For Your Security Team During The Pandemic — IoT Devices

Businesses may not be able to dictate what devices employees keep on their home networks, there are still many options available to IT departments to protect company assets.



One Hand To Shake Beats One Throat To Choke

The days of technology buyers treating their tech providers as “vendors” are gone. Learn the mutual benefits of treating your technology providers as partners.


Security & Risk Global

As attackers get more sophisticated and new technologies emerge, the strategies to protect your organization’s valuable data must also evolve.

Register for our Security & Risk global virtual event to learn about emerging cyberthreats, new regulatory requirements, and the latest tools and strategies needed to keep your enterprise secure.



The High Cost Of Cutting Marketing Budgets Now

Marketing resources can be easy targets in an economic downturn. Yet these cuts are shortsighted and put companies on weaker footing long-term, say Vice Presidents Laura Ramos and Keith Johnston. Learn what companies and marketing leaders should do instead in this episode of What It Means.


Brands, Staying Neutral Is Not An Option

A brand’s silence on social justice issues can be louder than its words. On this episode of What It Means, VP and Principal Analyst Dipanjan Chatterjee explains why brands have to carefully assess what they stand for and communicate that to consumers and employees.

Webinar: The Rise Of Employee Power And Data In The Future Of Work

Learn how the tsunami of employee data and the rise of employee power will impact your organization and how you can prepare.



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