Global Tech Market Slipping; Uniting Marketing And CX; And More

Global Tech Market Growth Will Slip To 3% In 2020 And 2021

Despite the excitement around big data, AI, and other leading-edge technologies, economic and political uncertainties have CIOs pumping the brakes on spending.




Q&A: Uniting CX And Marketing At CX North America

Marketing and customer experience (CX) professionals share many of the same goals. Yet often, they work in opposing directions. Learn about the rewards of collaboration and why Forrester is bringing the two groups together for our biggest CX event.



If You Need Somebody — Not Just Anybody — Data Literacy Help Is Here

Data literacy among employees is critical to becoming an insights-driven organization. Here's where to turn for guidance.



Three Sacred Myths Of The Hong Kong Digital Life Insurance Market

The emergence of digital-only insurers and tech giants has challenged thinking in Hong Kong, home to one of the world’s most sophisticated life insurance markets. Analyst Meng Liu dispels three myths.


Summit 2020

Forrester SiriusDecisions Summit is a must-attend event for sales, marketing, and product innovators. Energize and optimize your strategy by joining us at Summit 2020. Register by February 28 and save $200.



Is 5G Right For Your Firm?

Firms debating the move to 5G have several factors to consider before determining whether it’s the right move. In this episode of What It Means, Principal Analyst Dan Bieler discusses the benefits and challenges European firms face in moving to the latest cellular standard.


AI + Customer Service: Transformation Starts From Within

Will contact centers soon be whittled down to an all-knowing chatbot? Sorry, not quite. But AI will remake customer service, starting from the outside and working inward. Discover the contact center of the future on What It Means with Principal Analyst Ian Jacobs.

The CIO In 2020: A Window Of Opportunity

Forrester predicts 2020 will be another year of uncertainty and rapid transformation. Is it time for CIOs to scale back or speed up? Read this guide to learn how IT leaders can become the catalysts of customer-centric innovation in their organization.



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