How The Pandemic Affects CX Equity, Influencer Marketing, And The EMEA Tech Market.

Insights From Forrester’s US Retail Recovery Heat Maps (April — July 2020)

See how the retail economies of 30 major US metropolitan areas have fared in the wake of the pandemic, and learn what the near future may hold.




How Has The Pandemic Impacted Influencer Marketing?

Should you cut your influencer marketing budget? Most firms are, but an increase in average time spent on social media could spell an untapped opportunity for your brand. Watch Principal Analyst Ryan Skinner explain.



2020 German, French, And UK Tech Markets All Likely To Fall, With The UK’s The Most Vulnerable

Due to the coronavirus and resulting recessions, tech spending in Germany, France, and the UK will decline by 5% to 7% in 2020 from 2019 levels in the best-case scenario. The UK will be the most vulnerable out of the three countries. Learn more.



Brands Built Up Much CX Equity Pre-Pandemic; Here’s How They Can Use It Wisely

According to the 2020 US Customer Experience Index (CX Index™), leading brands built up a reservoir of CX equity before the pandemic. Here's how they can best capitalize on it.


Webinar: The US CX Index 2020: See The Power Of CX Differentiation

As brands grapple with COVID-19, it becomes critical to understand how well they’ve used CX to build customer loyalty. Explore the latest trends in CX quality. Register now for this complimentary version of Forrester’s 2020 US CX Index client webinar.



The Future Of Empowered Customers

What’s not changing: the five key dimensions of customer empowerment. What is changing: empowered customers’ desires. Dive deep into the shifting sands of consumer sentiment on this episode of What It Means, featuring Senior Analyst Anjali Lai.


How CIOs Can Build The IT Organization Of The Future

Increased focus on customer and employee experience will change how CIOs structure their IT organizations. In this episode of What It Means, Principal Analyst Gordon Barnett provides insight on how CIOs can prepare their organization for the future of work.

Resource: Remove Sales Productivity Roadblocks

Empowering sales teams to be as productive as possible is critical in this time of uncertainty. Learn how Forrester's SiriusDecisions Sales Activity Study can help you uncover efficiency roadblocks and pave the way to stronger results.



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