Mobile Trends For 2020, The Right Way To Prioritize CX Projects & More

Twenty Mobile Trends For 2020

Fifteen developments we expect to see in the coming year — along with five that won’t come to pass.


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B2B Sellers: Marketplaces Are Here, Are You Ready?

Business-to-business buyer behavior is changing as the options and tools available to buyers expand. Sellers, learn how you can capture growing demand.



Beyond ERP: How Digital Operations Platforms Make Or Break The Customer Experience

Strong customer-facing experiences are fruitless until you tie them to back-end operations. Learn how new digital operations platforms (DOPs) will bring enterprise experiences to levels ERP never could.



The Right Way To Prioritize Customer Experience Projects

Prioritizing CX projects can be relatively easy — if the CX team sets up its measurement program to populate a simple but effective prioritization model.


CX North America 2020

We’re launching Forrester’s biggest CX event to date. CX North America is designed to inspire and enable the next step in your CX journey.

50 Forrester analysts. 1,500 CX industry leaders.
June 16-18 | New York City.

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Emerging Tech In 2020: Four Trends CIOs Need To Watch

2020 will be another year of dramatic change in the emerging tech space, pushing IT leaders to keep pace. In this episode, Forrester analysts provide their top predictions in IoT, AI, edge computing, and cloud computing.


CIOs Embrace Uncertainty And Prioritize People In 2020

2020 will be a year of volatility, change, and opportunity for IT leaders. In this episode, VP and Principal Analyst Brian Hopkins reviews his 2020 CIO predictions and how IT leaders can make the most of the year ahead.

Webinar: Predictions 2020

2020 will be marked by volatility and rapid change — and a healthy dose of built-up potential energy. Join Forrester thought leaders to explore the dynamics that will shape 2020 and beyond in this complimentary online event.

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