Technology In A Crisis. The Retail Rebound. COVID-19 & Values.

In A Crisis, People Want Dependable Technology

If there’s one thing the COVID-19 pandemic has taught businesses, it’s how vital core infrastructure and operations are to an organization’s resiliency and dependability. But where does innovation fit into the new normal?




How COVID-19 Influences The Values-Based Consumer

COVID-19 will transform values-based decision-making. Here are three key insights from our latest data that signal how values-based decision-making is likely to change.



Dive Into Moments-Based Marketing At CX North America

To bring moments-based engagement to life, marketers will need a new approach to recognize and act on moments and new planning techniques to establish balance between moments and campaigns. To pull it off, they’ll need the data and technologies that can turn signals into insights and to identify the moments that matter and deliver interactions precisely at the right time.



COVID-19 Accelerates Digital Adoption For European Consumers And Businesses

The COVID-19 crisis means European B2C firms are broadly in one of three response modes right now: survivors (travel, hospitality, and some nonessential retailers), adapters (many financial services firms or utilities), and pioneers (healthcare, grocery, or education). And your crisis-response mode should dictate your strategy. Learn more.


CX North America
(Virtual Experience)

Learn to leverage CX and marketing’s complementary skill sets to win, serve, and retain customers more effectively. Join us for our flagship CX event this June.



The Road Back For Retailers

The coronavirus outbreak has shuttered stores, left millions jobless, and changed the way consumers shop. As retailers scramble to adapt, their responses have uncovered weaknesses — but also revealed opportunity. In this week’s episode, Analysts Sucharita Kodali and Brendan Witcher delve into the coronavirus’s impact on retail and what the future may hold.


The Need For Scenario Planning In Your Pandemic Recovery Strategy

A global pandemic has no definitive end date, which makes planning a formidable challenge for businesses. In this episode, Vice President and Group Director Stephanie Balaouras discusses the importance of scenario planning in organizations’ pandemic recovery strategy.

Reducing Software Costs In 2020

For organizations seeking short-term cost savings, worker layoffs and furloughs aren’t the only option. This webinar will help you renegotiate software contracts to reduce short-term costs, while still maintaining healthy relationships for the long term.



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