Hear what senior marketers did — and will be doing — to accelerate growth.

Do you spend more time now presenting to your C-suite? Your BOD? How much pressure are you under to deliver essential customer experiences and lead the way toward growth? How much scrutiny to demonstrate ROI?

This may be the most challenging environment we’ve ever seen for marketing leaders. Listen to this conversation between Forrester CMO Shirley Macbeth and VP and Senior Research Director Jennifer Ross — based on the results of our extensive new Global Marketing Survey — and learn how your peers intend to turn those challenges into competitive advantage. You’ll discover:

  • What marketing leaders are prioritizing.
  • What they know and how that’s informing their strategies.
  • How they plan to help shape business objectives and drive growth.

“Focus on the customer” is the new mantra of business. That puts marketing in a natural position to lead. Get ready. Start by hearing this intriguing Q&A.