Navigating Economic Uncertainty: Insights From B2B Marketing Peers

Watch the on-demand webinar to explore the B2B marketing trends critical for thriving in 2023. 

Discover the B2B marketing trends high-growth companies are embracing to thrive in the face of economic uncertainty.  

Watch the webinar to explore our survey-based research on best practices for growth in the face of a potential downturn. 

You’ll dive deep into the findings of our “Navigating The 2023 Downturn: B2B Marketing Executives“ research to discover how and where to invest in B2B marketing priorities. 

Come away with the information you need to steer your B2B marketing organization with a steady hand and resist reactive decisions that can put B2B marketing outcomes at risk. 

Watch the webinar to learn how high-growth B2B marketers are: 

  • Seizing growth with specialized talent: Learn why 59% of your peers are increasing their investment in personnel. 
  • Boosting buyer engagement with CX, EX, and BX convergence: Hear why 46% of companies are focusing on CX alignment. 
  • Improving GTM success with partners: Find out why 43% of your B2B peers are prioritizing their partner/channel ecosystem. 
  • Eliminating B2B marketing silos: Explore why 32% of companies are aligning marketing, sales, and product revenue engines.  

Bonus: Receive a copy of our“Navigating the 2023 Downturn: B2B Marketing Executives” research report when you attend. 


Barbie Mattie

Barbie is a sales and marketing professional with more than 20 years of experience in all facets of B2B and B2C, including market analysis, sales strategy, global go-to-market strategy, full lifecycle campaign development, execution, and measurement.

Watch this on-demand webinar.

45 minutes