Assess your design system readiness with this straight forward checklist

Evaluate your design system or your readiness to build one

In 2020, 65% of the firms we spoke to already had a design system in place. We know that number has risen, so there’s a good chance you either have a design system or you’re thinking about one.

If you have a system, this Design System Checklist will help you be sure it’s built to advance the maturity and efficacy of your digital experience design. If you’re starting to build one, use the checklist to gather input and see what work you might still have to do.

Run down the brief yes/no list to ask yourself questions such as:

  • “Is our purpose clear and rooted in knowing the internal pain points we’re addressing?”
  • “Is our approach proactive (maybe even entrepreneurial) and open to partners?”
  • “How do we hold ourselves accountable for success to the design team and our organization?”

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