Five steps to get people to really use your new digital experiences

Want better digital adoption? Follow these five steps to build digital experiences customers embrace.

You just spent lots of time and money to create a shiny new digital experience for customers. You launch it and … crickets. Why? What are you doing — and not doing — that seems to repel users from your new mobile and digital offerings?

Check out this infographic for five steps you can take right now to reliably improve the use of your digital experiences. You’ll discover lots of great, actionable ideas, including how to:

  • Ensure the right people find your new digital experiences when you launch them.
  • Present the value of the experience in a way that spurs adoption and ongoing use.
  • Provide a simpler experience for every customer through inclusive thinking.

Review Drive Digital Engagement Through Five Stages to help you think about how to get more customers to use your digital experiences, so everyone gets more value from them.

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