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Discover Why Customer Value Measurement  Fails  And How To Fix It

Your customers see "value" differently. Get on the same page. Read Measure The Value You Deliver To Customers.

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Read our new guide to finally understand how your customers really perceive and derive value.

Do customers feel they get more from you than they give? You need to know. The balance (or lack of it) between those two perceptions — what did I give…what did I get — is how customer satisfaction and loyalty are determined. The truth is you’re probably not tracking the right metrics to know the answer. 

Read Measure The Value You Deliver To Customers to discover why most organizations misunderstand how their customers derive value – reducing their ability to ensure satisfaction and build critical loyalty – and how you can remove that blind spot. You’ll learn how to:  

  • Recognize the four dimensions of value: economic, functional, experiential, and symbolic.  
  • Identify the value drivers that matter most to your customers.  
  • Define metrics to measure how you perform against those relevant drivers.