Eight Essentials For An AI-First Data Strategy

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Technology doesn’t operate in a vacuum. It serves as a digital engine for the rest of the enterprise and acts as a vehicle to drive business growth. Combined with AI, it can turn technology into a business enabler at scale.

While AI-enabled technology is crucial for powering transformative customer experiences, you need data to power AI insights. So how can you create an AI-first data strategy?

Read our guideGet Your Data Ready for AI” for the answer. It will show you how to use our Connected Intelligence Framework to shift to an AI-first data strategy so you can deliver the experiences business leaders envision and customers demand.

Get the guide to learn how Forrester’s Connected Intelligence Framework makes it easy to create an AI-first data strategy and learn:

  • How to get your IT org to shift to an AI-first mindset.
  • Three key priorities for making the shift.
  • How to apply Forrester’s Connected Intelligence Framework.
  • Eight key phases of an AI-first data strategy.


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