Get ahead of these consumer loyalty trends

Watch our video to see how the evolution of consumer loyalty is changing

Featuring: Mary Pilecki, VP and Principal Analyst, Forrester

Consumer loyalty is a type of currency essential to brand survival. Yet loyalty programs that worked in the past don’t account for recent changes in buyer behavior spurred by digital transformation — or offer the rewards consumers now want for their allegiance with your brand.

Watch this video to explore the power of consumer loyalty and how it’s evolved from copper tokens to digital-first and emotional loyalty strategies. You’ll learn how and why consumer loyalty is more challenging than ever and the critical changes you need to make to boost loyalty for your brand.

In this video, you will learn what consumers want in exchange for their loyalty and discover:

  • Four levers to modernize your loyalty strategy.
  • How brands are embracing loyalty today.
  • Trends in CX behavior you need to plan for now.
  • How to create meaningful consumer/brand connections.

Video: Welcome To The Consumer Loyalty Evolution

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