Watch An Analyst Update On The Global State Of Enterprise Architecture

How can you lead your enterprise architecture (EA) for digital transformation and tech advantage? Watch this on-demand webinar for the answer.

Forrester surveyed global EA practitioners to learn how their EA ecosystem is growing. We uncovered revealing insights about EA trends

Watch this webinar to learn what the current state of EA is, how it has matured, what’s working and what’s not and the critical role stakeholders play in growing the EA ecosystem.

Hear analyst advice on:

  • The four EA archetypes and how they fit into the expanding ecosystem.
  • Different EA approaches and how they align with business goals.
  • What role stakeholders play in EA growth — and where you can find advocates.
  • How you can capture and use EA performance metrics to communicate value.

Enterprise Architecture: Laggards Versus Leaders

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Gordon Barnett

Principal Analyst, Forrester

Gordon serves CIOs, focusing on the best practices for business, technology, and enterprise architecture transformation. He is a recognized expert in helping companies use enterprise architecture, strategy, governance, and organizational design to address their current and future business challenges in the age of the customer.